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Freedom Football League ?

Refuse commercial exploitation! 50 Former Professional Players Founded the Free football League AAF and XFL are no longer the only leagues trying to compete with NFL for professional football business. The Freedom Football League came out on Thursday in the United States. The League was founded by 50 former professional […]

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Are you an NFL super player? Official decryption activities, find you qualified! Since December 3, the official Weixin, Weibo and APP of NFL have launched the online linkage decryption activity for the first time! uuuuuuuuuu Three days three levels, through the task to solve the corresponding clues, you may get […]

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The League suddenly replaced the five members of the jury or the first time in the history of the regular season. Kansas City Chief VS Los Angeles Rams jerseys Monday night match, which started on November 20, has attracted a lot of attention. The Tianwangshan battle is the best match […]

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Job bowl begins! Hasten to vote for idol! The 2019 Professional Bowl will be held in Orlando on January 27, Eastern Time. Would you like to see your favorite players become all-stars? Now your chance is coming! For second years in a row, the bowl will continue for four weeks […]

NFL launches commemorative Stan Lee jerseys

Stan Lee died, bringing NFL stars to cherish the memory of those superhero motivating players. On the morning of November 13, Beijing time, Stan Li, CEO and publisher of Manwei Film, who is known as the father of Manwei, died suddenly of pneumonia at the age of 95. It can […]

In the 10th week of the 2018-19 NFL regular season, the San Francisco 49ers jerseys will play the New York Giants at home. At present, the giant is the penultimate in the league, 49ers are the penultimate third, this game is a top-notch bowl. Xing Tianyu and Rosen will bring […]

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When NFL meets double 11, can you empty your shopping cart for your home team? Once upon a time, Shuang11 was a simple bachelor’s day, with single dogs playing together in groups of three or five. But do not know from when, double 11 has become the day of chopping […]

This Hawaii girl has made a history of football

It’s customary for an American football fan to watch a high school football game jerseys on Friday or Saturday. But this touchdown pass by the McKinley Tigers (Hawaii High School Team) has been recorded in history, for no other reason than because of their quarterback, Alexandria Buchanan. She became Hawaii’s […]

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Many retired nike NFL players jerseys march into politics, leaving the stadium still shining. Today in the U.S. congressional election, two old NFL acquaintances stand out, from sportsmen to politicians in suits and shoes. Anthony Gonzalez, the former Indianapolis pony, took over as a Republican and won the election in […]

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Brady interviewed and said again: “I’m ready to hit the age of 45.” For athletes, the body is their own capital, and the most important factor to determine the “capital” is age. Whatever sport they play, most retire at 35 or earlier, for physical reasons or for off-site factors, but […]