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Building friendships for a long time and sharing special experiences is one of the biggest benefits of participating in competitive sports. Even after a long retirement, memories of teammates are always the most impressive. Sidney, Crosby, one of the world's greatest athletes, said when he was asked what he would miss most about ending his remarkable career in sports:".

When I'm with everybody. All the joys and the stories. All about the team."

Although the experience of playing in the team is commendable, getting along with the team may also be an unpleasant part of the athlete's career. If the situation is serious, it can even extinguish a person's enthusiasm for sports. Whether coaches have the ability to build a team culture cheap jerseys,cheap nfl jerseys,wholesale jerseys and develop active team relationships will be the key to getting along with the team.

Coaches often tell athletes that the significance of the team is that it is a good slogan, but if you want to define a good team player should have those specific behavior, it is not clear. So I would like to suggest to the team the meaning of more content, so that each player can be a collective bonus points.

A good team always respects others, whether it's teammates, coaches, officials, administrators, parents or opponents. The rugby coach of University of Minnesota used his famous rowing analogy to teach players how to respect and how to be a good team player. Rowing takes three parts -- oars, boats, and compasses. The paddle is the energy you bring to your life and your team; the boat is the sacrifice you are willing to make for the team; the compass points out the direction of your energy and sacrifice; you must work in the same direction as the team. The center of the analogy of rowing is that teams need to be respectful of each other when they are planning a boat together. When each team member respects each other, the team can create a psychological sense of security. This allows the players to be free to be themselves, to say the truth, not to fear embarrassment or ridicule.

Good teammates are the source of other people's positive energy. Athletes should always ask themselves, "does the atmosphere of the team become better because of my presence?"" The athletes bring themselves positive energy and contribute a better and more enjoyable experience to everyone in the team. The active coaching alliance uses cheap jerseys from china,cheap jerseys nfl,nfl jerseys china the "fill in the emotional space" analogy; divides the players into "energy givers" and "energy consumers" (those who ruin the fun atmosphere). Let his players do "positive energy", that is, to bring enthusiasm to the team, and to make their own environment to better the training environment. Find opportunities to praise those who bring enthusiasm and joy to the team. This is actually very simple, you can pause and then tell the players to practice you appreciate them to bring energy, a formal training or praise ceremony, at the banquet award this season to teams with the most positive energy team.

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