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Tampa Bay Buccaneers new team leader

Buccaneers Manager: Tom Brady brings a leader to the team The Tampa Bay Buccaneers commander (Bruce Arians) has always been outspoken. He has said many times that the team will look for other ways to upgrade its quarterback position. Now Buccaneers have found a successor: Tom Brady. On Tuesday, Arians […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers new player: Tom Brady

Brady turns to Buccaneers to learn new tactics with low attitude: adapt to the new environment and expect new challenges NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially announced that the team signed Tom Brady. According to previous news, Brady’s new contract is two years, with an annual salary of about $30 million. […]

Eagles refuses to send a coach to inspect NFL rookies on the spot According to ESPN, with the global outbreak of new coronavirus increasing, major sports leagues in North America have taken urgent measures to strengthen prevention and treatment of related issues. The NFL League, which is in a long […]

NFL New labor agreement voted by players

Members of the NFL players’ Union jerseys voted for a new labor agreement, which will lay the foundation for labor relations between the NFL and the players over the next 11 seasons. The final vote was 1019 in favor and 959 against. The new labor agreement will come into effect […]

NFL 2020 rule change proposal

Nfl 2020 rule change proposal includes gambling kicks The annual meeting of the alliance will be held between 3.29 and 4.1. One of the contents is to discuss the proposal of rule change. This year’s changes in kick-off are noteworthy. In recent years, for the sake of safety, the league […]

Cincinnati Bengals free agent market Jerseys

Cincinnati Bengals may be active in the free agent Market The Cincinnati Bengals’ lineup is full of holes at the moment. But after the team’s worst record in the League last season, it is still believed that they will not actively recruit in the free agent market. However, Ian Rapoport, […]

Players in the 20th season in NFL history

Brith is expected to be the 20th player to play in the 20th season Few in the league have been as consistent, as drew Brees has been. Bris has publicly announced that he will continue to play in the 2020 season, which gives him hope to continue to achieve landmark […]

2020 new season NFL playoffs jerseys or major changes

New season NFL playoffs or major changes to join the team to increase the rotation privileges to reduce A new labor agreement is under negotiation and is expected to be reached next week, according to league sources. In the new jersey labor agreement, the biggest change is the playoff system. […]

cardinals general manager wants point guard Patrick Peterson to end his career with the team When David Johnson is the most concerned Arizona cardinals player jerseys, Steve Keim is also concerned about Patrick Peterson. Peterson has been regarded as one of the best corner guards in the League for many […]

What’s the cost of watching NFL Super Bowl live?

Direct attack on the spot – how much does it cost to watch the super bowl on the spot? The average ticket is nearly 50000 yuan As an olive fan, being able to watch the Super Bowl match in person is the first thing on the to-do list. And if […]