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Enthusiasm for football? Want to make a contribution to the cause of Chinese football? Now, here’s the chance! NFL China is looking for a new member for its team. If you want to join us, send your resume to [email protected] Maybe you’re the one we’ve been looking for! Position: Football […]

Barack Obama Plays football with Teenagers

Barack Obama Plays football with Teenagers It’s self-evident that American football is bringing heat to the United States. In many cases, a football match can even attract the attention of the President of the United States. On Wednesday, the National Youth Academy in Washington ushered in a heavyweight quarterback, former […]

Jets have changed their Jersey designs for the first time in 20 years. Jet officials unveiled new plans for jerseys, helmets and trademarks that will be launched since the 2019 season on Thursday night, U.S. time. The color matching is (Gotham Green), (spot light white) and (stealth black).” The jet’s […]

NFL 2019 regular season opener

Packers and Bears jerseys The 19th encounter between the packers and the Bears will begin at 8:20 p.m. Eastern Time on September 5, the 100th regular season of the NFL. The Bears have a home advantage. The Super Bowl defending champion, New England Patriots, will play at home on Sunday […]

NFL New Season Wage Cap Rise

For six consecutive years, NFL’s salary cap rose sharply to 188 million in the new season. The salary cap of NFL has been raised again! According to Ian Rapoport, an insider of the NFL network, the NFL officially determined that the maximum salary cap for the team in 2019 was […]

NFL or MLB team is going to be stood up

Hessman Award winners are going to play for MLB in the NFL draft. Are they going to be stood up? Kyler Murray, the 2018 Heisman Award winner at the University of Oklahoma, will announce his participation in this year’s NFL draft before Sunday’s deadline, according to US media reports. This […]

NFL Playoff Promotion Rules

This article will show you how to read the rules of NFL playoff promotion. You’ve seen it in the closing game of tomorrow’s season! The 2018 season NFL regular season has ended 16 weeks of competition, followed by the final week of the official battle, the playoff seats will be […]

NFL playoff Jersey sales forecast

An Analysis of the Situation of the American League Playoffs Time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, by mid-December, the NFL regular season has ended its 14-week race and is nearing its end. However, in the next three weeks, there are still many teams fighting for the playoffs. Today […]

Freedom Football League ?

Refuse commercial exploitation! 50 Former Professional Players Founded the Free football League AAF and XFL are no longer the only leagues trying to compete with NFL for professional football business. The Freedom Football League came out on Thursday in the United States. The League was founded by 50 former professional […]

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Are you an NFL super player? Official decryption activities, find you qualified! Since December 3, the official Weixin, Weibo and APP of NFL have launched the online linkage decryption activity for the first time! uuuuuuuuuu Three days three levels, through the task to solve the corresponding clues, you may get […]