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Enemies meet? Cincinnati Bengals VS Pittsburgh Steelers

The enemy is very jealous. The Steelers will speak frankly, not afraid of their opponents’ revenge. Between the players’passage at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati and the Bengals’ dressing room, there is a huge LCD TV on both sides of the wall. Minutes after the Bengals’27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, the television was showing Brown’s game with the Ravens, when many players walked down the aisle, stopped to watch the game and coach Marvin Lewis […]

NFL jerseys Regular season: Giant vs Eagles

Regular season, night race, giants vs Eagles The regular season is now in its sixth week, but it seems that the League Eastern team is still out of shape, and this Thursday night’s game will be played between the two Eastern teams. Last season defending champion Philadelphia hawk will be visiting New York to challenge the giants. Since the start of the game, the two teams have not been in good shape. They are currently ranked the last two in […]

NFL Marshawn Lynch beast mode or beast curse?

Beast mode or beast curse? Lynch once again met the Super Bowl classical cut before the yard. How do you choose when your team gets to the front yard of your opponent’s line and you have Marshawn Lynch jerseys on your team? If playing Madden Rugby, many players will not hesitate to choose the “I” formation so that Marshawn Lynch rushed in… This question seems to have been discussed at the Super Bowl four years ago, perhaps too long ago, […]

Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell jerseys for sale ?

Baer has received a huge offer during the off-season. Has he lost millions now? The Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys were reportedly trying to reach a long-term contract with their runner-up, Bell, before the negotiating window closed in July. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Flower, the Pittsburgh Steelman’s offer for Bell is a three-year contract worth up to $47 million, including a $10 million bonus, which will be paid immediately after the agreement is signed. And when the privilege tag was […]

The first game of Chinese football Players

Liu Xun: Monologue from Inner Mongolia waist banner forerunner My name is Liu Xun, from the beautiful scenery of northern Xinjiang, grassland Qingcheng Hohhot City, is an ordinary state-owned enterprise employees. After watching CCTV’s NFL video for the first time in high school, he fell in love with this sport. Later, every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., I watched the weekly highlights of NFL on the CCTV Sports Channel on time. When I was admitted to university in the autumn of […]

jerseys Video live Baltimore Ravens vs pittsburgh steelers

Live broadcast of Ravens vs Steelers: the death of the same area to fight the summit confrontation Beijing time October 1st, the NFL2018-19 season regular season fourth weeks will launch 13 matches contest. In addition to the 8:20 a.m. Ravens game on Sunday night, Tencent netizens voted to choose another civil war, the Eastern United States Civil War, which began at 1 a.m. Beijing time on Sunday afternoon, with the 3-0 Miami Dolphins visiting Foxburg to challenge the New England […]

Losangeles rams station Minnesota Vikings jersey

NFL- against World War 38-31, the victories won 4 wins. Beijing time on September 28th at 8:15 in the morning, Losangeles rams team home against Minnesota Vikings jersey. The Vikings were bloodied last week by rookie quarterback Buffalo Bill, and the Rams started 3-0 with a song that seemed unstoppable, as if they were going to win all the way to the Super Bowl. In the end, the rams beat the Vikings in 38:31, winning 4 consecutive victories. Focus of […]

Seattle Seahawks VS Dallas cowboy jerseys

Two, copy, cut, play, dress denim, restart Earl Thomas negotiations. Last season, Earl Thomas publicly declared his love for the Dallas Cowboys jerseys, but for various reasons it had progressed but eventually was stranded. To get the Cowboys to resume negotiations with him, Thomas presented a “roll call” to his potential successor on Sunday. “Get me or be dominated by my fears,” Thomas exploded the Cowboy Offensive Team alone, and now the rumor continues to ferment, the Cowboys again began […]

Second years of exclusive cooperation between Tencent sports jerseys and NFL

The NFL season rekindled in early September, just after the first week of the regular season, according to statistics, Tencent Sports has become the NFL international media partners in the competition of the most live reporters, covering the most games overseas media, which is the recognition and trust of Tencent Sports, but also highlights Tencent Sports dedicated to promoting Rugby decision Heart.   For love crowning, for journalists to fight call. Tencent Sports sent a large number of front-line reporters […]

My first football game

Xue Yuhong Yang: I played waist banner in high school. In the summer of 2015, I saw HBO’s Ballers and had a primary interest in rugby. The idea of forming a football club in one’s own school sprang up after 15 years at the City Bowl, watching two full-fledged football teams, Dalian Haishen and Shenyang City Hunters. The cost of equipping rugby was high and the risk schools were unacceptable, so I shifted my focus to flag football. The school […]