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NFL Thanksgiving Day War

Friends who are also concerned with fight events should recognize it, and this is not the case…… Yes, this is WWE and GLORY’s first female Chinese commentary and chaired Wang Ting II “”! Exactly why she appeared in the Tencent NFL, let us slowly road antecedents and consequences. Fighting class interpretation presided over a sister When it comes to fighting games, you have to start with Wang Ting as a kid. Her father is a traditional martial arts family, and […]

NFL- Seahawk 46-18 victory pony

Wilson two final burst Beijing time at 8:30 on October 2nd morning. The Seattle Seahawks home court against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts dominated in the historical record against 7 wins and 4 losses, and defeated the Seahawks in 2009 and 2013 two. But now the Seahawks and the Colts are not the two teams, the Seahawks team final 46:18 victory over the colts. The Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson 26 pass 21, 295 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Colts […]

authentic usa game jerseys

The first show mistake is a sinner NFL in the first week of the last game against Losangeles by the Denver Broncos lightning, the game although Losangeles 21 to 24 Denver Hanfu, but it can be said that the ups and downs of striking one snag after another. At the last minute, the Losangeles lightning free kick was blocked by the Denver Mustang secret service, causing lightning to fail to drag the game into overtime. The second section of the […]

The documentary about NFL fans has touched countless people

“WeTheFans” (Translation: “we are Chinese fans”) in the long-awaited eyes opened a mysterious veil, the first episode aired after it immediately aroused heated debate in the United States reddit famous fans in the network forum. What kind of documentary does a documentary that touches countless Americans? After the announcement of the Tencent broadcast, we can finally check it out today! Look ahead of the trailer after the pilot, you can’t help but be attracted to the unique perspective of producers […]

The new England patriots became the first league team has a plane

The new England patriots became the first league to buy plane team, and they just bought two. According to informed sources revealed to ESPN patriot in the offseason purchased two Boeing 767 wide body aircraft and the aircraft all the seats for the transformation of first-class cabin seat level, some can be completely flat. At least one of the planes was painted with a team logo and five Super Bowl trophies on the tail. Depending on the mileage and maintenance […]

NFL superstar Wilson China

Show the action guide personally The afternoon of July 17th, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson appeared in Shanghai, attended the special for the fans, the fans Chinese olive held training camp. In 1.5 hours, Wilson provides professional guidance for Young Players Championship scene, but also to share their insights and opinions for football development prospects of NFL football in china. At the end of the tour in Shanghai, Wilson will travel to Beijing to continue his cultural experience and […]

The packers undrafted sweat wholesale jerseys

Reggie Bert Kiel rookie season spent in the packaging industry training field, learning new position and how to call the secret service. The outside guard now feels that he has been able to contribute to the packers. Gilbert said: “I want to contribute more to the team, not just in training. I will try to get better.” Gilbert played defensive side at the University of Arizona, played 57 games, won 143 capture, 14 capture. Unfortunately, he has become a draft […]

Atlanta Falcons nfl jerseys

The Atlanta falcons nfl jerseys began planning in the United States Monday as quarterback Michael Vick and Rudi White held over the retirement ceremony and press conference, Falcon boss Arthur Blanke decided to give this exploits two players necessary to honor. “We consider all the Falcon offer was a member of the Falcon, people, and Vic with White on the team, this great city has had the influence to commemorate the Vic and White, to celebrate their occupation career, we […]

New York giants VS Philadelphia Eagles

With the draft this NFL offseason the most important end of the project, we will also be division as a unit, as we gradually launched this year the teams in the draft performance assessment. The weekly weekend two days will give you a zoning draft evaluation, two times a week Oh! Today brings second articles — Eastern League National conference. New York giants draft score: C+ Just need position: attack, intercept, line guard, near end, front In the 2016 season, […]

Cowboys make Elliot a generalist authentic jerseys

News summary Jean made Elliot a generalist The 2000 yard is no longer a dream, and Elliot will play a bigger part Fantasy football game player who knows a rule: as a rookie with the ball down Mawang in 2016, then the next season, the player will do more. Of course, for that matter, it would be possible if the cowboy’s boss, Jerry Jones, did it the way he did. “In the game, Elliot was really a big problem for […]