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Lions coach to complete the renewal

Pro handedly created two big quarterback According to U. S. media reports, the lions have been in the spring with the meritorious coach Jim – Card Deweier to complete the contract. From card Deweier coached so far, the lions have achieved 29-21 of the record, two into the playoffs. In Staffordshire, where the contract has been extended to 2022, it will become a strong contender for the north of the league in the next few years. In 2014 April, William […]

Love soldiers and nfl stories

The watchman to the headmaster’s office to see the ball NFL was first seen on television during the college years and ended in the late 90s. At that time full of go to make progress, take the initiative to join the school patrol team, a group of volunteers in the middle of the night with a flashlight with campus sloshing, which is the maintenance of law and order, actually more often break up affectionate couples. Patrol tired, went to the […]

New York giants’ new jerseys

New York giants’ new season’s fortunes. With Eli Manning no longer young, his athletic state also fell, the New York giants are going all out to catch the small tail of the Manning era, the top ones again trying to. However, the time for the giants is probably not much. Last season, 13 years of Tom Coughlin era ended, the Mcadoo first picked up the head coach of the New York giants coach, led the 11 wins and 5 losses […]

The core is going to stay?

Dissatisfied with teammates or afraid of concussion The Roethlisberger (Ben) does not guarantee to play again after 2017 season. There are many reasons why he may not continue his campaign. From hope to spend more time with his family to the hope that he can avoid long-term serious injuries, in an interview, he made a very persuasive argument, which is similar with him at the end of last season after showing the idea of retirement. In interviews, Ben said he […]

Packers quarterback jerseys wins the best ball award

The packers quarterback byoyomi time long dead The 2017 ESPY awards ceremony was held in Beijing on July 13th, Losangeles. In the year of a ball award, the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers NFL in the NLDS in line near end Jared Cook defeated the Super Bowl winning ball Edelman God catch a strong candidate, won the award. NFL NLDS, away from home in the Green Bay Packers win 21-3 lead, but the Cowboys quickly adjust the pace, in […]

Eye catching practice magic manmon Del

Hamburger is Edelman’s love, he did not know how much the offseason patronize burger, but may be the last league inspirational story than a copy from rolia, the first Eddie Reci lose money two not mistake, after the Seahawks Diego science diet flattered, practicing the most taboo desire, as the saying goes, fire fish, meat phlegm, cabbage and tofu security and peace, Edelman also had to reluctantly part. With the increase of age, outstanding at another batch of physical condition […]

NFL superstar rankings

45 – Larry Fitzgerald, the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver It’s a good news for the fans that we can still see the 34 year old in the 2017 season. Fitzgerald has entered the League 13 season, he left the valiant record without excessive explanation. Last season, Fitzgerald completed the league’s most 107 ball games, and after 2005 season, he again became the league’s one season catcher. In the 2017 season, Fitzgerald will have to do in addition to enjoy the […]

Rodgers appreciates new nfl jerseys talent from Dezhou

Aaron Rodgers and DeShawn Watson has not met, but the two time super bowl MVP nfl jerseys authentic said the new quarterback Houston himself is very optimistic about the people of Dezhou, he said his choice to the people of Dezhou the young man was very impressed. “He looks like a great young man, he appears to have a high talent, he has a special career, he was surprised at the last match is the Clemson University, he found the […]

nfl game Will the giants take over two years or retire?

The New York giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the New York jets left soon after joining the New York giants, the 33 year old veteran wide receiver still has a very good state and strength, but his age is not a small problem, many with his ball players of similar age at this time almost all chose Brandon Marshall – retired, there is no such intention, he said he would call again two years or more, as for the […]

NFL superstar jerseys offseason extravagant orgy

sports news glycopyrronium NFL superstar Kowski is no doubt, even standing on the sidelines cheering on the team, he is still able to help get the Patriot five Super Bowl champion, of course, compared to the super bowl after winning the joy and excitement now enjoy more hot Gelon offseason brought him. For example, don’t play it up around the party girl, Gelon, enjoy life, this is definitely the most love activities in their spare time Gelon, but occasionally with […]