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On sale for Cincinnati Bengals Vontaze Burfict jerseys

Cincinnati Bengals Beckman won’t be banned due to elbow. Related news: Antonio – brown to change life, steel man 28-21 down tiger Not long before Vontaze Burfict jerseys four-match ban ended, the Tigers lineguard has made a number of controversial moves. One of the most striking was the elbow punch Burfielder gave to Antonio Brown’s head on Sunday (pictured, Brown had caught the ball and was caught). Although Brown only took a short break from the game, the Tiger rookie […]

Enemies meet? Cincinnati Bengals VS Pittsburgh Steelers

The enemy is very jealous. The Steelers will speak frankly, not afraid of their opponents’ revenge. Between the players’passage at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati and the Bengals’ dressing room, there is a huge LCD TV on both sides of the wall. Minutes after the Bengals’27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, the television was showing Brown’s game with the Ravens, when many players walked down the aisle, stopped to watch the game and coach Marvin Lewis […]

NFL football game jerseys ?

Oxygen black and fat! Football game speeds him up.   Whenever EA produces the latest sports games, it will always encounter different kinds of sports pitch. For example, former NBA star center Shaq O’neal, almost every year in his career, complained to EA why his penalty shots were so low. C’mon! If you want to improve the game value, you need to show some convincing performance. Look at the Minnesota Vikings’Lynwal Joseph. They’ve got a performance that’s set off the […]

Jacksonville Jaguarss new player Ereck Flowers jerseys

Jaguars signed the original giant’s first round show Flowers The original giant Ereck Flowers jerseys has found a new home. On Friday, the United States officially announced the signing of the offensive front. Previously, they added Josh Wells, a groin-injured left-hander, to the injury reserve list. Wales started the last three games after Cam Robinson tore his anterior cruciate ligament in the second week. Flowers was cut off on Tuesday after the disappointing four years in the giant. As the […]

NFL jerseys Regular season: Giant vs Eagles

Regular season, night race, giants vs Eagles The regular season is now in its sixth week, but it seems that the League Eastern team is still out of shape, and this Thursday night’s game will be played between the two Eastern teams. Last season defending champion Philadelphia hawk will be visiting New York to challenge the giants. Since the start of the game, the two teams have not been in good shape. They are currently ranked the last two in […]

The story of Chinese football jerseys fans

I’m Piper. I’m not a fan of pole dancing. I’m not a good runner. Hello, my name is Piper. Rugby heavy fan is also a player. Well, I am a lion fan of Detroit. Don’t ask the question face first. My love of rugby originated in Tampa, where I came to study at the University of South Florida in 2012. Rugby is one of the most popular and popular sports in the southern United States. Being infected by friends and […]

Drew Brees became the NFL history pass king

Historic moment! Brees passes the number of yards above Manning to become the first in history. On October 9, Beijing time, the New Orleans Saints played against the Washington Redskins at home. With three minutes to go before the end of the first half, Drew Briss found an outsider, Terry Quinn Smith, to complete the 62-yard pass. This pass also allowed him to surpass Payton Manning’s 71,940-yard pass record and become the first person in NFL history. In 2010, when […]

NFL Marshawn Lynch beast mode or beast curse?

Beast mode or beast curse? Lynch once again met the Super Bowl classical cut before the yard. How do you choose when your team gets to the front yard of your opponent’s line and you have Marshawn Lynch jerseys on your team? If playing Madden Rugby, many players will not hesitate to choose the “I” formation so that Marshawn Lynch rushed in… This question seems to have been discussed at the Super Bowl four years ago, perhaps too long ago, […]

NFL Video live Washington Redskins VS New Orleans Saints

9 days 8:15 video live Redskins vs Saint saints quarterback or record. At 8:15 a.m. Beijing time on October 9, the NFL 2018-19 season ushered in the most important, carefully calculated and deliberately designed evening competition in addition to the Super Bowl, the Red Leather away game against the Saints. The game itself is not the key, the key is that the Saints quarterback Drew Briss is likely to overtake Brett Favre and Payton Manning in the game to become […]

Marquette King for Denver Broncos jerseys

(Marquette King) the career in Denver has only ended in four games. NFL television correspondent James Palmer reported on Saturday that Mustang intends to put the discarded kicker on the injury reserve list and lay him off when he recovers. Marquette King jersey missed all training this week due to a thigh injury and was suspected of playing in Sunday’s jet game. Mustangs have been reported to have picked out kicker Colby Wadman from the training team to replace Kim. […]