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Promotion and live broadcast of NFL jerseys in the US

What inspiration does the US NFL broadcast and promote to us? It is not difficult to praise others, but it is useless to learn from them after praise. When it comes to how good foreign sports are, there will always be feedback like “we can’t learn” and “what can we learn”. This is a big mistake. It takes a long time to reach the standard of others, but it is not difficult to improve it on one’s own. Of course, […]

Atlanta Falcon Devonta Freeman jerseys sale

Falcon runner de Vinta Freeman will not play the next match. (Devonta Freeman jerseys) will continue to miss. Atlanta Falcons jerseys sale coach Dan Quinn said on Friday that the runner-up had made progress but would miss the next game against the Cincinnati Tigers. This is Freeman’s third consecutive absence. He suffered a knee injury in the first battle of the season. He was thought to be absent for 2 to 3 weeks. After Freeman took part in some training […]

Losangeles rams station Minnesota Vikings jersey

NFL- against World War 38-31, the victories won 4 wins. Beijing time on September 28th at 8:15 in the morning, Losangeles rams team home against Minnesota Vikings jersey. The Vikings were bloodied last week by rookie quarterback Buffalo Bill, and the Rams started 3-0 with a song that seemed unstoppable, as if they were going to win all the way to the Super Bowl. In the end, the rams beat the Vikings in 38:31, winning 4 consecutive victories. Focus of […]

Video live Sudar Vikings vs Los Angeles Rams

28 days, 8 o’clock live video broadcast Viking vs ram: Vikings’ front-line frontline feared to be exploded. Beijing time September 28, the NFL 2008-19 season officially kicked off in the fourth week, this week on Thursday night, the league’s hottest Los Angeles Rams jerseys will play the home game just lost to Fisher Bill, so that all NFL fans stunned the Minnesota Vikings. The two line of attack and defense is weak. What do the Vikings take to kill sheep? […]

Dallas cowboy Jerry Jones

The quarterback fined the collective denouncing the cowboy boss to compare the NFL to the boxing match. Jerry Jones talks a lot every time he stands in front of the camera, and the chattering Dallas cowboy jerseys owner often lacks a filter for what he says. We’ve heard Jones’s comments about professional football and the dangers of concussion before, and now the league’s fouls against the quarterback are getting more and more fierce, which has caused Jones’discontent and made it […]

Seattle Seahawks VS Dallas cowboy jerseys

Two, copy, cut, play, dress denim, restart Earl Thomas negotiations. Last season, Earl Thomas publicly declared his love for the Dallas Cowboys jerseys, but for various reasons it had progressed but eventually was stranded. To get the Cowboys to resume negotiations with him, Thomas presented a “roll call” to his potential successor on Sunday. “Get me or be dominated by my fears,” Thomas exploded the Cowboy Offensive Team alone, and now the rumor continues to ferment, the Cowboys again began […]

NCAA Rugby biggest Jerseys news

NCAA Rugby has been the biggest upset in 14 years. The winning team of the fish and muscle team is better than 1.8%. Never underestimate the heart of a champion. — Rudy Tomjanovich If you asked me what school ODU was before, I’m sorry, I don’t know. But if you ask me now, I will be proud to tell you that I am ODU20 Zhong Zhong powder. At the end of the NCAA football game jerseys, College football’s biggest jerseys […]

Chinese football player jerseys

The Chinese Rugby youngster will make the NFL scouts praise the draft. Beijing time September 23rd, the US university rugby league will be launched in the fourth week. I don’t know if you’ll remember that I wrote on September 2 in the article “Chinese-American Flashing NCAA Rugby Next Year He’s Hopefully to Kill the Quartet in the NFL,” in which the Chinese-American hybrid Tyler-Rapp continued to do his best in the past two weeks and made new technical achievements that […]

Second years of exclusive cooperation between Tencent sports jerseys and NFL

The NFL season rekindled in early September, just after the first week of the regular season, according to statistics, Tencent Sports has become the NFL international media partners in the competition of the most live reporters, covering the most games overseas media, which is the recognition and trust of Tencent Sports, but also highlights Tencent Sports dedicated to promoting Rugby decision Heart.   For love crowning, for journalists to fight call. Tencent Sports sent a large number of front-line reporters […]

China Hangzhou Osprey NFL team jerseys

First: the flame is small, should be repeatedly ignited.   Hello, everyone. I’m No. 24 of Hangzhou Osprey. I’ve been playing rugby for five years. At present, I am engaged in Internet related work in Hangzhou.   The earliest contact with rugby was an animation called “Speed of Light 21” in high school. The animation had a rudimentary knowledge of rugby and sporadic videos seen on the Internet. However, there was no real contact because there was no circle of […]