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Nike NFL jerseys update announcement

Update announcement! New season, new play! NFL updated every day! After six months of long grass, TTNFL officially returned. In order to let everyone have a better game experience, TTNFL has been greatly modified, and added a variety of game modes for you to choose from. The update is as follows. 1, TT NFL Android version on-line. 2. New user registration multiple rewards: After the user completes the registration, he will be directly granted gold coins, diamonds, tickets, can directly […]

NFL player jerseys magnifying glass

Player magnifying glass: third weeks before the season, key player observation Pre-season is the best chance for the edge players to win a job, and they take the opportunity to stay on the roster. The third week of pre-season is over, the new season is about to start, although the pre-season is only a training game, winning or losing is not important, but it can still be seen from the team in the new season some clues. Some players are […]

Pittsburgh Steelers staged Rugby spy war?

Rugby or espionage? Steel team build “steel curtain” to prevent peeping At this summer’s World Cup in Russia, the Swedish team gave us a real demonstration of what is called “spy shadow”. Members of the Swedish team were reportedly camouflaged as tourists, trying to infiltrate the South Korean training base. Later, the Swedish team rented a house near the base of the South Korean team and took pictures of the team’s training with telescopes and telescopic cameras. South Korea’s response […]

New leader of Oakland Raiders jerseys?

Nelson, the new leader, will bring himself into the new leader of the Raiders. This off-season, Jody Nelson, a 10-year-old outsider who worked for Green Bay Packers, joined the Oakland Raiders jerseys on a $15 million two-year, $13 million security contract. In fact, in order to give Jody Nielsen a place, the Raider specifically released another outsider Michael Clabtri, but compared to Clabtrine slightly pungent temperament, Jody Nielsen from the inside out revealed a “veteran cadre” style, which is not […]

Why do fans dislike new England patriots jerseys?

Why do fans dislike patriots? Brady’s calm response gives the answer. In professional sports, few teams can match the new England patriots jerseys. The 21st Century league’s most successful team has the support of millions of fans in the United States and around the world, but at least the same number of people do not like him. This is not just in the stands or on the pitch, but also for the media. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the future Hall […]

Buffalo Bill VS Seattle Seahawks jerseys ?

Qianhai hawks kick off a new journey to join Buffalo’s main competitive position Buffalo Bill jersey formally announced Tuesday morning that the team had signed a one-year contract with former Seattle Seahawks outcast Jon Lane. Because of this operation, when the new season is about to start, Ryan will also compete with Colton – Schmidt for a main position. The latter has been Bill’s kicker since the beginning of the 2014 season. In the pre-season match this season, Schmidt completed […]

Bring you near rugby

Why is rocket new girl called “hit”? Vigor brings you closer to rugby. “The Most Flaunting Ethnic Wind” has become a thing of the past. Speaking of the latest magic song, it’s definitely not Rocket Girl 101’s “Calorie.” This new single issue is gradually sweeping the Phoenix legend. I believe you are all brainwashed by the hoarse “burning my calorie”. Nevertheless, don’t think that girls can only sing light and lively saliva songs. Rocket 101 released its latest EP “Crash” […]

Philadelphia Eagle Player injuries ?

Fowles was injured again. The eagle has no quarterback available. The Philadelphia Eagle’quarterback line-up was supposed to be the most enviable in the NFL, but after today’s pre-season game against the New England Patriots, the Eagle are almost out of quarterbacks. The Eagle’quarterback’s injury curse has fallen to the MVP Super Bowl’s Nick Fowles, who injured his neck last week in the Eagle’ team training today. In this pre-season, Nick Fowles suffered a heavy blow and had to leave the […]

When Rugby meets soccer jerseys

When Rugby meets football, the most powerful couple are born. He was the hero of the 2018 NFL Super Bowl champion. She is the best female football player in the United States in 2017. The four English letters of “Ertz” are frequently mentioned on the major sports websites of the United States. Because Zach Oates helped the Philadelphia Hawks beat the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 in the League Final and break into the Super Bowl; because Julie Oates scored a goal […]

San Francisco 49ers or chicago bears jersey ?

49ers signed Alfred Maurice. For Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers runner up in San Francisco is no stranger. The 49ers will sign Alfred Morris. At present, the team is waiting for the result of physical examination. Jerick McKinnon injured his right knee during practice. MRI scans showed the injury was not serious. Morris was signed just in case. In addition, Matt Breida is also suffering from shoulder injury. Maurice has been in his career for seventh years. He used to work […]