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NFL new season jerseys income

Salary income in the new season After a harmonious negotiation between the Atlanta falcons and Julio – Jones, the Atlanta falcons reorganized Julio Jones’s salary in 2018, the best NFL alliance will get more than 2 million 900 thousand dollars in the 2018 season, and the falcons promise to continue a bigger match for Julio Jones in the 2019 season. In the same way, Julio Jones ended his training and returned to the team. According to the details of Julio’s […]

Comprehensive analysis of NFL’s new season jerseys

Comprehensive analysis of the strength of the new season Recently, the US authoritative sports media ESPN issued a long article on the official website to analyze the prediction and ranking of the strength of the 32 teams in the future. In order to accurately predict which NFL teams can lead in the next three seasons, ESPN has invited Lewis – Reddick, Mike – Santo and field – Yates to form an expert group. They studied each team’s squad list (excluding […]

NFL Jerseys seed plan

2018 NFL China flag football “apple seed program” In 2003, the NFL professional Rugby League held the NFL “apple seed plan” training camp in three places in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It aims to train college students to become NFL waist flag football coaches and referees nationwide, to promote and popularize LFL football in China. So far, the apple seed program has trained more than 3000 coaches and referees. They have taught and enforced all levels of rugby games, making […]

NFL DeMarco Murray jersey online

De Marco Murray hopes to sign a contract in front of the training camp Last month, DeMarco Murray gave up the chance to work for the saints, but he still hopes to play the ball this season. Murray told ESPN reporters Adam Schefter (Adam), he hoped to complete the contract before training camp, has also talked with several teams. “I talked to four or five teams, which are all suitable for me.” (DeMarco Murray Jersey) said, “I think the key […]

NFL’s latest news list

Cameron Vick is willing to take on the task to help the team This season, this figure may have dropped, but Vick said he was willing to accept all dolphins assigned to him. “Can I fight all the numbers?” Of course, I have proved my ability. But is that the best for the team? What about myself? ” “I will not attract eyeballs by competing for the first round,” he said. I just want to do things that can help […]