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Lions coach to complete the renewal

Pro handedly created two big quarterback According to U. S. media reports, the lions have been in the spring with the meritorious coach Jim – Card Deweier to complete the contract. From card Deweier coached so far, the lions have achieved 29-21 of the record, two into the playoffs. In Staffordshire, where the contract has been extended to 2022, it will become a strong contender for the north of the league in the next few years. In 2014 April, William […]

The former NFL first run guard was brutally traded?

The saints refused! According to reliable sources, even if the New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Pedersen with the team in the offseason there have been some friction, the team does not currently consider trading Pedersen. The attitude of the saints may be at the trade deadline to before the change, they may be in the future to the Pedersen deal offer, but New Orleans has realized that Pedersen is a very efficient offensive player, and they need more time […]

authentic usa game jerseys

The first show mistake is a sinner NFL in the first week of the last game against Losangeles by the Denver Broncos lightning, the game although Losangeles 21 to 24 Denver Hanfu, but it can be said that the ups and downs of striking one snag after another. At the last minute, the Losangeles lightning free kick was blocked by the Denver Mustang secret service, causing lightning to fail to drag the game into overtime. The second section of the […]

Love soldiers and nfl stories

The watchman to the headmaster’s office to see the ball NFL was first seen on television during the college years and ended in the late 90s. At that time full of go to make progress, take the initiative to join the school patrol team, a group of volunteers in the middle of the night with a flashlight with campus sloshing, which is the maintenance of law and order, actually more often break up affectionate couples. Patrol tired, went to the […]

NFL 32 team nike jerseys name submitted

NFL 32 teams finally submitted their new list of 53 people for the new season. The Denver Broncos cut out of the locker room core T.J. Ward, the Dallas Cowboys gave up backup quarterback Killen Moore, the giants wide receiver Victor Cruz also failed to get a space for one person in Chicago. Let’s review the NFL32 teams’ worth mentioning operations on the name sheet submission day. american league east Buffalo Bills In the list of 53 national people’s Congress […]