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The documentary about NFL fans has touched countless people

“WeTheFans” (Translation: “we are Chinese fans”) in the long-awaited eyes opened a mysterious veil, the first episode aired after it immediately aroused heated debate in the United States reddit famous fans in the network forum. What kind of documentary does a documentary that touches countless Americans? After the announcement of the Tencent broadcast, we can finally check it out today! Look ahead of the trailer after the pilot, you can’t help but be attracted to the unique perspective of producers […]

New York giants’ new jerseys

New York giants’ new season’s fortunes. With Eli Manning no longer young, his athletic state also fell, the New York giants are going all out to catch the small tail of the Manning era, the top ones again trying to. However, the time for the giants is probably not much. Last season, 13 years of Tom Coughlin era ended, the Mcadoo first picked up the head coach of the New York giants coach, led the 11 wins and 5 losses […]

Tampa Bay pirates jerseys new season outlook

Although there are some questions at the ball, play the play can not be stable but it is hard to say, but because of the performance of the season as the foundation, and Jackson, Beck and Howard etc. reinforcements to join, the new season is still very optimistic about the pirates could succeed in the Southern League of Nations to break potential enemies. For the 9 year in a row without playoff games, maybe it’s just this year. Is expected […]

The new England patriots became the first league team has a plane

The new England patriots became the first league to buy plane team, and they just bought two. According to informed sources revealed to ESPN patriot in the offseason purchased two Boeing 767 wide body aircraft and the aircraft all the seats for the transformation of first-class cabin seat level, some can be completely flat. At least one of the planes was painted with a team logo and five Super Bowl trophies on the tail. Depending on the mileage and maintenance […]

The core is going to stay?

Dissatisfied with teammates or afraid of concussion The Roethlisberger (Ben) does not guarantee to play again after 2017 season. There are many reasons why he may not continue his campaign. From hope to spend more time with his family to the hope that he can avoid long-term serious injuries, in an interview, he made a very persuasive argument, which is similar with him at the end of last season after showing the idea of retirement. In interviews, Ben said he […]