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China Hangzhou Osprey NFL team jerseys

First: the flame is small, should be repeatedly ignited.   Hello, everyone. I’m No. 24 of Hangzhou Osprey. I’ve been playing rugby for five years. At present, I am engaged in Internet related work in Hangzhou.   The earliest contact with rugby was an animation called “Speed of Light 21” in high school. The animation had a rudimentary knowledge of rugby and sporadic videos seen on the Internet. However, there was no real contact because there was no circle of […]

The 53 NFL Super Bowl jerseys midfield show?

Who can go to the 53 Super Bowl midfield show? Authoritative media broke the news: finally the magic red. NFL has just reignited the new season. The main show guest of the Super Bowl show may have been locked. According to US media reports, the famous rock band Maroon 5 has accepted an invitation to appear on the stage of the 2019 Super Bowl midfield show as a performance guest. The 53rd Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta on […]

My first football game

Xue Yuhong Yang: I played waist banner in high school. In the summer of 2015, I saw HBO’s Ballers and had a primary interest in rugby. The idea of forming a football club in one’s own school sprang up after 15 years at the City Bowl, watching two full-fledged football teams, Dalian Haishen and Shenyang City Hunters. The cost of equipping rugby was high and the risk schools were unacceptable, so I shifted my focus to flag football. The school […]

My football jerseys World

My name is Tiger. My football world consists of blood and love. My name is Chun Jun, my English name is Tiger. Favorite teams are the New England Patriots, the Houston Texans, and the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide. Favorite stars JJ- Watt jerseys, Rob – green, and Trent Richardson (non active). In 2009, I traveled to University of Alabama, a famous American football school. For over 4 years, I was deeply infected and shocked by the American university football […]

NFL cheerleader China captain jerseys

My name is Yuki, I am cheerleader in NFL. My name is Cai Qixin, my English name is Yuki. For 3 years, NFL Houston, a cheerleader and cheerleader in Texan, has just retired. At home, I am a student of the dance department of the art school. I am a girl who likes performing and dancing. After arriving in America, everything changed incredibly after watching a football game with my father. After watching the Texas cheerleading performance, the heart of […]

Baltimore Ravens VS Cincinnati Bengals jerseys?

Can the Raven continue to show its strong performance again? NFL second weeks: Crow vs tigers look forward to see whether Dalton can top… At 8:20 a.m. Beijing time on September 14, the NFL entered the second week of the 2008-19 season. On Thursday night, the Baltimore Ravens jerseys, who had just bloodied Bill at home, were heading to Cincinnati to challenge the equally successful Tigers. Rosen and Xing Tianyu will give you commentary on the North End War at […]

NFL player injury summary this season

The following is a summary of today’s NFL’s injuries. Rodgers sprained his knee, was in bad condition or was absent from next week’s game. Rogers sprained his knee in the first half of last week’s packer’s game against the Chicago Bears jerseys, but the quarterback played “Return of the King” in the second half. Rodgers insisted on playing for the team regardless of the injury, which made him more serious. Aron Rogers did not reveal the details of the injury, […]

Green Bay Packer Rodgers Jersey

The Green Bay Packers rookie is totally impressed with Rodgers. If Packer’s rookie quarterback Tim Boyle was just admiring Aron Rogers before the first week of the game, then after the first week of the game, Tim Boyle became a big fan of Rogers. Like all the people of Green Bay, Boyle began to believe in Rogers and wear his jersey as a daily costume. Tim Boyle put on the shirt after the first week of the game to show […]

Raider VS Losangeles ram jerseys?

Raiders in the second half of the fire, the ram 33:13 reversed Oakland. At 10:20 a.m. Beijing time on September 11, the first week of the NFL regular season Monday night game kicked off in Oakland, with the Raiders sitting at home against the league’s upstart Los Angeles rams. This season, the Rams have been raving free-market stars to form the Galaxy Warship, the league’s most star-studded team; and the Raiders are raving free-market ex-star players to form a “veteran […]

How long can the longest NFL match last?

How long can a NFL match last? From lunch to dinner is just the beginning. The most fearful thing about playing rugby matches at outdoor courts is bad weather. In the first week of the 2008 NFL season, Tennessee Titan and Miami Dolphins fought a “historic” battle because of bad weather conditions, which had to be interrupted by two thunderstorms to wait for the weather to return to normal, and finally Miami after seven hours and eight minutes of “Century […]