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At the end of the Kansas Chiefs’match against Cleveland Brown, the Chiefs eventually beat Brown 37-21, raising the Chiefs’ regular season record to 8-1, while Chiefs quarterback Patrick Maholms won 375 yards from 32-23 passes and three touchdowns in the first ten games of his career. The data came to 3185 yard pass and 29 passing arrival. These two data set a new record since 1950 in NFL. The total number of 3185 yard pass made Maholmes the first quarterback in history to pass 3000 + yards in the first ten NFL matches.

Everyone thinks it’s hard for Maholms to keep this high-yielding state, but in the second half of the season, best place to buy cheap jerseys online? Maholms began to show an overwhelming state. With the talent from God, his own efforts and coach Reed’s training, Maholms’first full season broke in 2013. Peyton Manning’s record of 55 passes per season for Denver Mustangs is not impossible. If he did, it would be impossible to imagine how high Maholms could reach in the future.

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