Jet four point guard Nord: I played stupid on Sunday.

In an interview on Monday, Sam Darnold blamed himself for his team’s failure.

He did not take the blame. He not only failed Sam Darnold 14# jerseys to get a goal yesterday, but also scored four passes. The jet finally lost 6-13 to the Miami dolphins.

Danod said he had to make smarter decisions when passing the ball: “I didn’t play my best yesterday, and most of the time it was silly. I think I played stupid football yesterday. I need to get better. I know, the coach is clear, everyone knows. ”

In addition to his stunning debut, he played more than once. New York Jets jerseys He has been intercepted for the 14 time, the league is the most, and he has been killed 21 times and dropped the ball 4 times. But the jet seems to want Danod to continue to lift the beam, rather than the veteran Josh McCown.