After only one discard kick in rams. Drew Brees succeeded in connecting Michael Thomas, who made a long run 72 yards into the end zone and helped the Saints lead 45-35 with less than four minutes to go. This is also the only time for the saints to play in the second half. cheap nfl jerseys reddit After scoring 35 points in the first half, the saints’attacking efficiency declined. The Los Angeles Rams also seized the opportunity to chase 21 points to draw. But they could not help but watch their opponents win and celebrate.

Brisbane came out of 4 touchdown, while Thomas tore the rams’s defense. The outsider made 12 catches, pushed 211 yards, and had a special celebration after his final victory. He borrowed from Joe Horn’s 2003 trick of hiding a cell phone under the goal post and pretending to call when celebrating. Horn was fined, and Thomas cheap nfl jerseys reddit could have been punished.

After that, though the excellent kickback attack brought the rams a good starting position. But after eight yards of Todd Gurley’s push, Jared Goff failed to pass the ball three times in a row and gave it away. After that, the saints advanced to the 41 yards of the rams, leaving less than two minutes to play. Sean Payton chose to let Alvin Kamara hit the ball hard, and the runner who had already won three battles failed to live up to the manager’s expectations and successfully completed the first attack conversion, so the saint won the game.

Gough completed 28 passes in 40 passes, advanced 391 yards, arrived three times, was intercepted one time (indirectly leading to Saint’s arrival), and the last three passes were not completed at the right time.

Although the defensive teams of the two teams did not perform well, Todd Gurley only completed 68 yards of nfl jerseys reddit strokes in the whole court, with a total of 79 yards, which is the worst efficiency of the season. However, he still has his scores in the field (twelfth consecutive games). Today’s performance of the rams attack team was enough to win the other teams, but it was not so easy to win the saints.