In 10 years, the holy city will have a NFL team? The mayor of holy city thinks so.

Will Sanantonio have a NFL team in the next ten years? Ron, mayor of the holy city, Berg believes that this is entirely possible.

Ron Nielongberg is confident in an interview that the City will have an NFL team jerseys in 10 years. Of course, he also gives reasons why the NFL team will choose San Antonio.

“It’s not particularly strange that Lightning and San Antonio are linked, but I want to say that we may not have a chance to have an NFL team before, but something is slowly changing in the world.

Now the NFL teams are looking forward to finding a city where they can have a chance to succeed, so I think the chances of Holy City are coming, and the days when they did not have a professional NFL team are gone forever.

“I believe that San Antonio has a very strong momentum in recent years, including the recent spate of jobs in Brooks’urban infrastructure, and the rise of San Antonio University and Texas Agricultural and Industrial University, as well as some community colleges, which convince me that the city will have one in 10 years. Support your own NFL professional team.

The city has been working hard for this (NFL team) for several years. Former Spurs owner McCombs had been trying to bring the Raiders to San Antonio, but eventually the Raiders decided to move to Las Vegas, a new stadium built in 2020.

“Our advantage is that San Antonio has a stadium where Raiders can continue to play, and we will spend five years building a new stadium,” McCombs told ESPN radio in May 2016. “No other city can build a new stadium earlier than us.”

If the Raiders do not sign a stadium lease with Auckland next season, San Antonio will be one of the options for the raiders’temporary home.

“Any time we have the opportunity to prove that San Antonio is one of the world’s elite cities and nfl game jerseys one of the elite cities of professional sports, we will seize this opportunity without hesitation as long as it is in the interest of our community,” Nielongberg said.

It is worth mentioning that San Antonio has proved to the world that they can achieve great success in professional sports, including the famous NBA team Spurs, coach Popovich has led the team to win the NBA championship five times with the GDP portfolio. If San Antonio really has an NFL team, maybe it can be replicated. The Spurs’ success in the NBA alliance!