Carle, the quarterback, said he would not leave the team.

In the past Thursday night race, the Raider 3-34 was defeated to San Francisco 49ers. This 49ers team has won only once before and has never played a ball before starting quarterback. It’s hard to imagine how bad the Raiders are.

Considering that the coach (Jon Gruden) has already held many draft picks, the position of many players on the roster is not stable. But the Derek Carr jerseys has a very firm attitude and he will not give up early.

“Who really wants to make changes? Who really wants to do things that no one wants to try? Of course, it’s easy to say, “I want to work elsewhere”. We need to figure out who is the most loyal player of the Raiders. I love this place, and there will be no other considerations. What I do is long term plan. I want to see someone stand up and say, “I want to do that too.”

In the competition, the attacker attacks the frontal line to allow 8 capture altogether, is sixth weeks since 2013 most. They were pushed 405 yards by their opponents. At present, they lost 31.5 points per game, the worst in the league, but their scoring ability was not outstanding. They scored only 3 points twice in the first three games.

Carle understood the difficult situation of the Raiders, but he would continue to fight. Oakland Raiders jerseys Mr Gruden also said he would make adjustments, adding that every week players wanted to join the Raiders.

“Every game, I can see a player who wants to be a raider,” he said. The sign of the Raiders must be very colorful, and more players will want to join us in the future.