JMG became the first NFL team to formally cooperate in gambling.

The well-known entertainment giant MGM Group recently signed a cooperation agreement with the New York Jet Team on sports gambling. The contracts signed by both sides not only include advertising sponsorship, but also show sports gambling directly on the surface. This also makes the jet the first NF in history to sign a non-pure sponsorship contract with the lottery company. L team.

Among them, MGM and Jet will develop a game called “I Call It”, in which fans can guess the future results of the jet as gambling bets. Neil Gratt, president of New York Jets, said, “Jets are located in New Jersey, where gambling is legal. The state’s gambling revenue is second only to Nevada’s. This game with a bit of gambling quality will bring a lot of fun to fans.” Gratt also stressed that “I Call It” would not allow fans to gamble, and that fans who guessed the right results would receive substantial prizes from the jet.

At present, “I Call It” is operated and sponsored by MGM, but it can only be experienced on the official App of the jet. The game is divided into two parts: free and paid. The gambling-like play will obviously attract many fans to participate in it. This is also the purpose of MGM and the jet. They hope to use the jet to experience the game. The platform of the machine and the vast number of fans will spread their gambling content to more people. In September, New Jersey invested as much as $184 million, nearly half of which came from NFL, and more than half of the investment was made through mobile phones. This is MGM’s biggest intention to cooperate with jets and start mobile games: to use the vast number of mobile phone users in New Jersey. And NFL fans jerseys earn more betting profits.

“We can promote our own things, which is very valuable, because this game can attract many lottery users, we know that NFL does not allow direct gambling activities, so we can only do such a promotion. We find that many jet fans have high family incomes, and in New Jersey, sports gambling is legalized, which undoubtedly constitutes an opportunity. Scott, the leader of MGM, explained the original intention of cooperation with New York jet.

The NFL stipulates that teams can sponsor and cooperate with gambling companies, but they are not allowed to participate in sports gambling. The operation of MGM just circumvents this rule, but indirectly attracts fans to participate in sports gambling, which is extremely tactful. In addition, the sponsorship contract between the two sides includes not only regular sponsorship content such as stadium billboards, team TV and digital media related advertisements, but also a sponsorship of MGM’s Borgata Hotel, where MGM can use the Jet Fleet logo, while the season ticket holders of those jets. And some fans can stay in the hotel for free. MGM hopes to attract wealthy jet fans to stay in hotels and play in the hotel’s casinos through this preferential policy, in order to increase gambling revenue.

Of course, the New York Jets aren’t the only team to sponsor and cooperate with gambling companies this season. The Dallas Cowboys jerseys and the Baltimore Ravens have already signed advertising sponsorship contracts with gambling companies. As early as August this year, the NBA League formally joined hands with MGM for in-depth cooperation, and this week, NHL announced that MGM and MGM will become the league sports gambling partners. So far, MGM, NHL and NBA are in a good state of development, and banknotes continue to flow into the wallets of all parties. Although the NFL still refuses to cooperate with sports gambling, in this age of brutal growth of sports gambling, perhaps one day the NFL can not resist the temptation. After all, team owners are unwilling to let go of these good opportunities to make money. Now the New York Jet has become the NFL in this way of edge ball rubbing. The Precursors.