What are the obstacles to the NFL team in London?

Obviously, the league is not willing to expand the size of the team to more than 32, so there needs to be a boss willing to take the risk of moving the team to London. In addition, there are other difficulties, including the new labour contract. “Residence in London will have a major impact on the working environment of the team and we need to reach an agreement with the players’union.” Mark said.

The NFL is negotiating with the British government on economic, tax and other issues, all taking into account the team’s salary cap, and the UK’s exit from Europe is believed to help the NFL move into the UK, because if the UK is still in the EU, the league’s revenue-sharing model, draft model and so on will be in violation of local laws.

“We want to make sure that the London team is treated fairly, not to have an extra advantage, and that we need to take some time to think about it.” Mark said abroad.

Goodall is also worried about the potential playoff approach. “We can’t plan for the playoffs. We can only set fair regular-season schedules as much as possible, but once the team enters the playoffs, there may be some unfairness between the two sides. For example, if the Seahawks want to go to London to play the playoffs, this will cause additional trouble for the Seahawks, we need to take these factors into account.

The players’ Union will also play a decisive role in this development. Five years ago, an ESPN survey of 10 players showed that most players were reluctant to travel to London. Former Hawks linebacker Cole thought London’s team would be better off with some rugby players, while corner guard Williams said it would be better to leave the game in the United States. The situation has improved this season, with the exception of Jaguar nightclub disturbances, both players and coaches giving positive comments on their experience in London.

Another big obstacle is the problem of long distance travel, which can not be ignored by the players jerseys in London and the United States. The longest road trip in the league is now five and a half hours (Seattle to Miami), while this year the Seahawks travel to London to play across eight time zones.

After the Raven’s 7-44 defeat in London last season, coach Hubble said they would not play in London again in the near future. This season, Blitzkrieg star Runner Gordon suffered leg discomfort while flying to London and eventually missed the game, while long-distance flights were clearly not conducive to his recovery.

Will local fans support this team?

The popularity of the NFL is rising every year, with more than 13 million British fans, including 2.8 million self-proclaimed devotees, according to the league, more than 40,000 of whom have bought season tickets for three games in total. The number of people watching the tournament was almost 40,000, and another 23 million Britons watched the London Bowl in 2016, which is an attractive figure.

But having a team is two different things. Fans’enthusiasm for the NFL differs jerseys from that for the home team, as can be seen from this season’s London Bowl, where the Hawks and Seahawks have significantly outnumbered the Raiders and Jaguars, although the Raiders and Jaguars are assigned to the London Bowl’s “home team”.

Public opinion is more optimistic. According to StubHuB, the online ticket website, the London Bowl of the Eagles and Jaguars is the world’s No. 1 NFL game jerseys in terms of ticket demand, and ticket sales for the London Bowl have tripled in five years.

The next step is to finish the work:

The League will continue to look at London’s interest in bringing in teams and how it works, but London is not without rivals – Mexico City is hoping to own a team, and the city’s 87,000-person Aztec stadium will face an overseas rivalry between the Chiefs and the Rams in the Eleventh week.

In theory, Mexico City is more likely to bring in a team, and last season’s game between the Patriots and the Raiders in Mexico City proved that, with nearly 80,000 people in attendance.

Of course, London’s performance can not be ignored, they not only showed great interest in this, but also actively do the preparations. At the heart of the issue is progress in labor contracts and media contracts, and the League will also look at the construction of the Spurs Stadium and how Lightning operates in Los Angeles.

“We have to continue to work hard to improve the sport’s local influence and fan base. We can’t wait until 2022. London is a great sport market, but when the fans have a lot of other options, we need to make sure they continue to love the sport so that we can give the fans what they want. West. ” Mark said.

Looking at the current progress, the moment may come when the overseas market has its own NFL team jerseys, whether in London or Mexico City.