The Raiders were fined 20 thousand dollars for violating the alliance injury reporting Ordinance.

The Raiders did not go as smoothly as expected in the 2018 season. The heavily paid coach, Jon Gruden, led the team to a 1-5 record, which was the lowest in the Western Conference.

There was one more problem today, according to the NFL Network correspondent Ian Rapoport, although Kelechi Osemele did not nfl jerseys online travel to Los Angeles to play against Lightning, the Raider didn’t change his form from “questionable” to “out” in time. A violation of the alliance injury reporting Ordinance will result in a fine of $20000.

Oscar Marley has been absent for a knee injury since the 4th week. The Raiders are in the air this week and will fight against the pony next week.

There’s even bad news coming to the Raiders during the week, and one of their best offensive players is going to be out for a while.

Marshawn Lynch will be absent for at least one month due to groin injury.

After sixth weeks’ loss to the Sea Hawk in London, the manager expressed his concern about Lynch’s groin injury. Earlier this week, grudon said the injury could have long-term effects. Rapoport reports that Lynch is likely to be added to the injury reserve list later.

The absence of Lynch was a great blow to the attack team of the Raiders. At present, Lynch has pushed the nfl jerseys sales ball to 376 yards for 90 times, made 3 touches, and completed 15 passes to advance 84 yards.

(Doug Martin) will take on the main batting task, with the ability to catch the runner-up (Jalen Richard) may also have some touching opportunities.