NFL President: the reform is successful, controversy is inevitable.

This season, NFL’s offensive level, score and intensity of competition have improved considerably compared with previous years. Since the 2008 season, there have been 504 touchdowns and 4489 points, the highest number of touchdowns and scoring in the first six weeks of NFL history. In addition, according to statistics, 54 matches have been in one touchdown in the first six weeks of the season, 12 of which have relied on the last attack. At the end of time, the score is the winner. At the NFL fall meeting in New York this week, NFL President Roger Goodall spoke of the event, saying that the NFL scoring wave and the intensity of the game are being discussed by more and more fans, many of whom have become fans through this season’s cheap jerseys NFL games. Godell believes that this is the good result that NFL has made in recent years after active operation and reform.

“We’ve seen a lot of young players rise to great stars, which has brought more excitement to the game. You can see all the fan indicators are going up, and more and more people are talking about NFL because of the attraction of the game itself, the players, the coaches.”

“It’s never better to fall into NFL’s pit than it is now.” I know the quality, the excitement and the fun of the game will always be the number one thing for the audience. Roger Goodall said. The unprecedented enthusiasm of the fans is something that the president likes to see.

In the first six weeks of the season, the balance of power on the pitch and the good reaction of the fans led to the belief that the league’s ever-changing rules really made the NFL better. According to statistics, the number of concussion players dropped from 91 last season to 79 in the same period last year. To this day, 53 players have been fouled by rough passers, up 15 from last year. After changing the Helmet-Impact rules, changing the kick-off rules and the striker’s rules, and leaning more toward the defensive players, attackers have more room to play. We can see many quarterbacks have played amazing passes, and the fast-moving offensive level has made the game more exciting. These rules provide more protection for the safety of players.

“The teams want the referees to be consistent, but sometimes from different perspectives, nfl jerseys sale there is always some controversy. But our focus is on protecting players like quarterbacks who can’t protect themselves, and we are very concerned about that. We want defenders to play as we want them to and not let the quarterbacks get hurt. I think it’s an important adjustment, and you’ll see the impact of these rules, “Goodall said in particular. Players’safety is always the priority of the league. Players are the foundation of the game. Players’ health makes the game more attractive. No matter how the League reforms and operates, the ultimate goal is to serve the fans and make the game more beautiful. People are willing to watch. The NFL reform is still in progress and the future is in progress. In the past few years, we may have seen more exciting and intense matches, which is a blessing to the fans.