Bo Fekete’s dirty action led to public anger, and many players accused him of being banned.

Who are the worst players in the NFL League? I think von tag – Fick is definitely the first player to think of. The evil man from the Cincinnati Bengals has a very full career on the court. There are countless players who fall under the poison of Burfield, and there are countless people on the Pittsburgh Steelers team alone who are entangled with Burfield’s grievances. In recent years, whenever the Steelers and the Bengals play, there is always a spark of fire, not only because the two teams are close enemies in the same area, but also because of the long-standing resentment between the Steelers and Burfielder. Whenever the Bengals ‘defense team where Burfielder is facing the Steelers’ attack group, he always does everything he can. To tear up the opponent in situ. And after every Tiger War, the players are always tearfully accusing Burfield, hoping that the league can deal with this villain, but the more serious the League punishes, Burfield is getting worse. Berkfitt showed himself again in the last week’s Pittsburgh Steelers game against the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys .

In the second half of the game, Antonio Brown finished catching the ball in the middle of the field, but at this point, nfl jerseys china Burfielder came in with a fierce blow, as if he were in a comprehensive fight, a sidearm elbow smashed hard near Brown’s head, Antonio Brown groaned and fell down on the ground, lying down. After a long delay on the pitch, he reluctantly went to the field to be examined. However, after knocking down Brown, Burfickett turned to Juju Smith Schuster, another outsider of the Steelman, and yelled “You’re the next” ruthlessly. The Steelers couldn’t sit back when they saw Burfickett behaving so dirty again, and they all made accusations against him.

“What the NFL has to do, someone who just wants to hurt someone, like this, shouldn’t keep playing! This is a sad thing, hoping that one day he will grow up. He has hurt his team and he must be severely punished. He should be banned. ”

“It’s sad to see Brown like that. Shouldn’t superstars like Brown be protected when the league is emphasizing the protection of quarterbacks? What does that mean mean mean? If the league wants to make football more secure, they have to do something. ”

The Steelers’right-hander, Gilbert, and defender, De Castro, angrily expressed their thoughts. The Steelers couldn’t bear to see Burfield hurting their teammates again and again, but they wanted to find a legitimate solution to the problem. And Steeler quarterback Ben Rossberg has also denounced Burfield’s dirty behavior as “a big problem, totally unnecessary behavior”. The NFL, of course, is ready to punish Burfield, but the league is only going to fine him, not ban him.

We don’t know how many times it’s been the way Berefield has hurt other players. In fact, Berefield seems to be a good guy off the court. His NFL jerseys online career, however, was a heinous one. He was banned for six games and fined up to $295,000 for malicious injuries alone. This season, the man has been banned for four games for violating drug regulations, and the villain has never played a full 16 regular season games since 2013. In spite of numerous punishments, Burfield never regretted, especially in the face of the steel man, he was only hurting the idea. From Le Vion Bell to Brown to Ben, from outsider to runner-up, Boffett injured the Steelers all over. Of course, Burfield also fell under Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuster last season, when he was directly hit by Zhu Zhu concussion, which is probably the reason he once again maliciously elbowed Brown and threatened Zhu Zhu.

Rugby is a wonderful sport, just as the Steelers have repeatedly denounced him, and only a suspension can satisfy a player who is so devoted to harm.