The NFL player market has recently seen heavy trading. The Raiders want to send out the number leader.

Before Gruden became the manager of the Raiders, fans had expected him to make a big difference to the team, but obviously it was more about personnel changes than team record.

Today, news broke that the Raiders were looking for trading partners for team No. 1 outsider Amari Cooper, who was hoping to trade him for a first-round draft pick.

This season, Cooper’s performance is flat, only 280 yards, which is a huge difference from his previous season level – the rookie season received a thousand yards, the second season is 1153 yards. This year is the last year of Cooper’s rookie contract. jerseys sales Not surprisingly, he would have signed a long-term contract with the team, but Cooper’s form has slipped since last season (680 yards only). Perhaps considering his subsequent form, the Raiders are going to split up with him, after all, there are still horses in the team. Tai Wei – Bryant, Jody Nielsen and other excellent foreign hands.

The raider’s offer is likely to be too high for anyone to respond to, and Cooper suffered a concussion in the sixth week of the game, which may cast doubt on the long-term health of other teams. However, an outsider like Cooper should not be lacking. Although there is no official response to the raider, it is “reliable” to estimate that the badly needed outsider will be involved in the deal again. Even without a reasonable target, I wonder if the patriots are interested in taking the nfl player jerseys?

Cooper had not had any problems with the team before, and the move immediately caused a stir in the free market, knowing that the raider’s deal to send off his team’s core players did not seem to have been successful. Carlisle Mark was packed and sent to Chicago by Gruden, but Mark, who joined the Chicago Bears, was like a hang-up, putting his name on record in the first game of his debut in the Bears’shirt, becoming the first ever half-court to snatch, make, grab, intercept and play. The player is now moving forward towards his next best defensive player trophy.

In addition to the deal and rumors, CBS Sports jerseys reported that the Raiders could put everything on the shelves except the coach, including quarterback Derek Carr.

At present, the Raiders score 1 wins and 5 losses in the bottom of the zone, and pass the attack ranks ninth.