The enemy is very jealous. The Steelers will speak frankly, not afraid of their opponents’ revenge.

Between the players’passage at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati and the Bengals’ dressing room, there is a huge LCD TV on both sides of the wall. Minutes after the Bengals’27-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, the television was showing Brown’s game with the Ravens, when many players walked down the aisle, stopped to watch the game and coach Marvin Lewis urged them to hurry.

The good start of the season has given the players more ideas. To win the South American championship, the players are very concerned about the other opponents in the same area. “Come on, guys. Don’t stand in the way. We’re the most important. Take care of yourself, OK!” This week’s Pittsburgh vs Bengals face tougher rivals than the Ravens and Brown, and when it comes to the Bengals, their fists are tighter.

I don’t know when the tiger fight became so fierce that it smelled of blood in the air. If it hadn’t been for the pressure of the coaches, the two armies would have sprayed a basket of trash before the game. In the first encounter between the two teams last season, Cincinnati Bengals nfl jerseys guard Von Taz-Burfickett fell to the ground and kicked steel runner Roosevelt-Knicks with a straight donkey. After the end of the game, the players on both sides added up to 19 unnecessary fouls (unnecessary collisions + personal fouls).

Burfieldt is a badly-fouled player, his game style is very rough, countless steel players have suffered in his hands. After four suspensions at the end of the season, Burfield returned to the court to face the Steelers, who must have been thrilled to be the culprit. If once Berfect’s greatest enemy was Le Vion Bell or Antonio Brown, now it’s Juju Smith Schuster.

Although Zhu Zhu did not enter the League for a long time, the contradiction between Zhu Zhu and Burfield was almost irreconcilable. In the second steel tiger battle last year, it was raining heavily in Cincinnati, and Le Vion-Bell overturned him in a block. When the latter saw that it was Bell, he immediately got up to create friction. Bell, who had long been unable to resist, let him down again, and he lured Bell to foul with his tricks and acting skills. A penalty of 15 yards. With seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Steeler attacked, Bell charged, and as he watched Burfickett come up again to take hold, Zhu Zhu shot Bell in front of him with an arrow, and with all his strength, he slammed one under his helmet, making a “bang” sound. Burfickett let out a scream and fell to the ground.

After the collision, Zhu Zhu was still relentless. One of them crossed over Burfield, not knowing what was going on in his mouth, but it must have been the words that irritated him. After that, they had to be dragged away by a small trailer. Burfielder was injured again a few weeks later and announced that the season was reimbursed. He was sentenced to four suspensions for violating the league’s drug ban. Burfielder blamed Zhu for all this. If it wasn’t for Zhu Zhu, he would never have been injured in terms of his physical condition, not to mention taking prescription drugs after the injury was suspended by the League for four games.

It has always been a knot in Berefield’s heart, to describe his feeling is that the hawk perennial was pecked the eye, as the league’s “No. 1 villain,” when did Berefield suffer such a huge loss, coupled with the team’s record this year, Berefield may be brewing a revenge plan. Zhu Zhu said he was not worried about the Bengals’revenge on himself and Burfielder as the two teams face off for the first time in the 2018 season on Sunday.

Zhu Zhu said he was more concerned about the result of the game than about injuries: “I was just more concerned about the game, I would concentrate on playing, fighting with my teammates and returning to Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys with victory. As for whether there will be anyone who is interested in me, I think they should be interested in me, but I’m fine and I’ll get a lot of support.

The Steelers vs. the Bengals, for both teams aiming at the playoffs, are the grievances going to end this season? Let’s wait and see.