Oxygen black and fat! Football game speeds him up.


Whenever EA produces the latest sports games, it will always encounter different kinds of sports pitch. For example, former NBA star center Shaq O’neal, almost every year in his career, complained to EA why his penalty shots were so low. C’mon! If you want to improve the game value, you need to show some convincing performance. Look at the Minnesota Vikings’Lynwal Joseph. They’ve got a performance that’s set off the United States.

In the fifth week of the game against the Philadelphia Hawks, Joseph completed a 64 yard pick-up return to help the team 23-21 victory over the Hawks, the League final last season by the Hawks bloody shame. Among them, Joseph returned to the offensive line-up of the ball was so much for the United States to talk about, and the completion of this line-up after he was wearing sunglasses off the scene of oxygen is even more laughable. High-frequency words like “the most flexible fat man” and “oxygen black fat” have exploded social networks in the United States nfl game jerseys.

The performance also caught the attention of EA Sports, which announced on Thursday that it would increase Joseph’s speed in Madden Football 19 by 12 points to 80. This makes him the third fastest defensive winger in the game, alongside Fletcher Cox, preceded by Tekwan Lewis (83) and Ifiddy Odenibo (82). For Joseph, who had just finished his birthday two days ago, there was no doubt that it was a good birthday present.

Joseph, who has a 329 pound weight, is the most important player in the Vikings, but he says he is not slow. “I know I may be very big, but I am not really slow.” Joseph said, “When I ran 400 or 200 meters in high school, I wasn’t the first, but I wasn’t the last. I always score for our team (high school). I like running. It’s very interesting.

Joseph said he had won the Fat Relay, and even though he weighed 315 pounds in high school, he ran faster than many younger men.

One set of data confirms Joseph’s claim, and NFL Next Gen’s data shows that Joseph’s top speed in the return line was 18.2 miles per hour; nfl football jerseys in contrast, they provide another statistic that Jet Safety Guard Max Mayi completed a 104 yard game against the Mustangs. What’s the highest speed in this attack? 18.3 miles per hour! So, you know…

After winning the Vikings, Kirk, a quarterback, supported Joseph. “Well, he should be more involved in attacking.” Many of his teammates answered this question in the same way during this week’s training. Even Arizona Cardinals coach Steve Wilkes jokes: “He looks like a runner or catcher.

With the help of Madden Football, the term “the most flexible fat man” seems to have been hammered by Joseph. Want to challenge him? Let’s talk about a 80 yard attack.