Regular season, night race, giants vs Eagles

The regular season is now in its sixth week, but it seems that the League Eastern team is still out of shape, and this Thursday night’s game will be played between the two Eastern teams. Last season defending champion Philadelphia hawk will be visiting New York to challenge the giants. Since the start of the game, the two teams have not been in good shape. They are currently ranked the last two in the Eastern District of the League of Nations, with 2-3 and 1-4 defeats respectively. This year, the Eastern District of the League of Nations has become more complicated and confusing.

Last week:

The New York Giants jerseys lost two consecutive games to the Panthers last Tuesday, winning only one game nfl jerseys in the league’s Eastern Conference. The outsider, Odale Beckham Jr., returned from injury last week to regain his fitness and, after a very imaginative tactical match, was given his first pass in the league. The biggest discovery of the New York Giants this season was rookie runner Sarkin Barkley, who averaged at least 100 yards a game in his first five matches and was well suited for his draft pick-up.

The defending champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, are also in poor shape. They also lost two consecutive games at home last week after losing the Vikings. The Eagles did not fully feel like winning last season after the return of quarterback Wentz. The most stable player in the team is close-end forward Zack Oates. As the hawk’s tack on the offensive end in recent seasons, he has been able to catch the ball at least 10 times in the past two games, over 100 yards.

Competition highlights:

Two teams who are not in good condition can get out of the predicament first.

After losing AyaGO, where does eagles Road Attack go?

Can Beckham remain in shape? Philadelphia Eagles jerseys

Can Barkley continue his good start at home in New York?

Statements of a school:

The two teams are currently very close in strength and have their own leaders at both ends of the offensive and defensive, but the giants at home are slightly superior, more optimistic that the giants will be able to win the first night of the season.