I’m Piper. I’m not a fan of pole dancing. I’m not a good runner.

Hello, my name is Piper.

Rugby heavy fan is also a player.

Well, I am a lion fan of Detroit.

Don’t ask the question face first.

My love of rugby originated in Tampa, where I came to study at the University of South Florida in 2012.

Rugby is one of the most popular and popular sports in the southern United States. Being infected by friends and classmates around, I also went to the school team to watch several balls at home. While watching the ball, my friend explained it to me, but he confused me with his explanation.

I can only search the Internet for basic knowledge, understand the rules of football and then go back to watch the game, instantly was deeply fascinated by the game.

I used to watch, throw, and play with my good friend AJ, who was also my Rugby trainer. AJ is from Detroit, so we’ve seen most of the lion games together, and he’s often, intentionally or unintentionally, insinuating that I should be a lion fan.

Under the coach’s arrangement, let me try to play the position of running guard. At the beginning, I felt very happy to learn football as well. But one day, Coach Chris said to me, “You come to practice every week, and I’ll let you play.”

From the first pre-season against the Jiaotong University football team’s first appearance, to the regular season for the first time to reach the batting line, again and again on the court experience, let me strengthen my love of rugby. I also have the honor of becoming the first female player to reach the AFLC since its establishment.

I don’t know when it started, rugby became a label for me. At work, more and more people in my life realized the sport of rugby because of me, and learned that there are football leagues like CAFL, City Bowl, University League in China, and I became what everyone called “Piper, the Warriors football gal.”

Joining the football team jerseys, in addition to the pleasure of the sport itself, I also gained a lot of friendship and family. Can feel the mutual care and care from teammates. Also found a lot of like-minded companions, in addition to the football with a big mouthful of meat, together with the table swimming, together with the swing uuuuuuuuuu

Rugby also helped me in another great hobby, the pole dance.

Although I was keen on sports, I wasn’t very interested in the gym. To increase the strength of the rugby Chinese jerseys game, I started to follow my teammates.

In the past 18 years, we have recruited many potential new players.

I hope more people in the whole country will be able to focus on rugby.

Welcome to join the team of rugby football players.