Historic moment! Brees passes the number of yards above Manning to become the first in history.

On October 9, Beijing time, the New Orleans Saints played against the Washington Redskins at home. With three minutes to go before the end of the first half, Drew Briss found an outsider, Terry Quinn Smith, to complete the 62-yard pass. This pass also allowed him to surpass Payton Manning’s 71,940-yard pass record and become the first person in NFL history.

In 2010, when he got the super bowl, Drew Brees jerseys proved his excellence. Great? Drew Briss proved to be great enough when he set a season record of 54 touchdowns in 2012 (broken by Payton Manning). Elite quarterback? He is undoubtedly one of the few in the league today. Tonight, all the words of praise are not enough to praise the man who is known as “pig * s” by fans.

When the NFL scheduled the Saints’game on the fifth weekend night, it was not clear to everyone that, at Bris’ level, he would have accomplished his No. 1 achievement on that night as long as there were no injuries. Indeed, he was 201 yards away from Payton Manning before the game, while Briss had passed more than 201 yards in 210 of his previous 252 games, and 83.5 percent of the chances were that he would pass. But Briss was faster than everyone expected, and his overtaking journey took less than half a game.

All of the Saints attacking team surrounded Drew Briss in the middle, and this moment belonged to Drew Briss alone, the great achievement he had made. In the great quarterback of the stars, Drew Brees wrote his name in the first place in history. It’s very rare that the games being played are immediately suspended, and the league, the referees and the Reds all give the great quarterback the respect he deserves. And the sad tears of the saints’fans in the bleachers add a tender side to this glorious moment.

Although he played for the San Diego Lightning when he first joined the league, Drew Briss has been a symbol of the New Orleans Saints jerseys and even of the city since arriving in New Orleans in 2006. He led the team to the Super Bowl and became the city’s honor; he set records in the city and completed moments of wonder; he made the city of New Orleans rejoice and fascinate him countless times.

It’s worth mentioning that Briss beat the Indianapolis Colts led by Payton Manning in the Super Bowl nfl jerseys. Although countless records have been surpassed by Brice, Peyton Manning has given the younger brother the most sincere blessing. He took pictures of Briss at university and gave him the greatest praise for his achievements.

Although Briss has just become the number one passer in history, for a quarterback, the number of passes is the most important record. Just as the NBA record differs from the shooting and scoring record, the NFL’s passing-code record is the NBA’s scoring record. Drew – Briss achieved this achievement is similar to the NBA’s “Sky Goal” Jabbar scoring achievement.

And Drew Briss is more than that. Look at the NFL’s list of historical records, many of which have already been named. In addition to the number of passes completed and the number of pass codes ranked first, the historical pass success rate (67.1%) and the one-season pass success rate (72.01%) were the same as Briss; the number of pass-outs was second only to Brett Favre, and the record will change over time. After three passes, Briss also came to 499, ranking fourth in history, only one gap from Tom Brady; only 40 gap from the first-place Peyton Manning record, with Briss and Brady in their current form, breaking the record. It is also a matter of certainty.

The competition will continue. The glory of Brees will continue to be written. The number of passes, the number of passes… The records he keeps are constantly updated by him, and there are many records of the first time in history that constantly engrave his name. But all the games, the news and everything else were no longer important that night; we had the privilege of being a witness to history on that night, and that night had only one name – Drew Briss!