Beast mode or beast curse? Lynch once again met the Super Bowl classical cut before the yard.

How do you choose when your team gets to the front yard of your opponent’s line and you have Marshawn Lynch jerseys on your team? If playing Madden Rugby, many players will not hesitate to choose the “I” formation so that Marshawn Lynch rushed in… This question seems to have been discussed at the Super Bowl four years ago, perhaps too long ago, when Joan Gruden, who was an ESPN guest commentator, might have forgotten about it.

So, in Sunday’s game, Joan grudon paid a tribute to a super bowl classic.

When the Oakland Raiders played the Los Angeles Lightning with two minutes to go in the third quarter, the Raiders were 3-20 down. But they weren’t totally out of the game either. Derek Carr’s offensive team arrived in the first yard of the line-up with a German-James pass that interfered with the foul. If they can get the touchdown, the difference between the 10 points in the fourth quarter is not without chance. Lin Laoshi had only nine strokes of 31 yards before, but the Beast Mode was undoubtedly the best choice in the Red Zone, and there were at least three offensive chances.

Sean, Lynch, behind Derek Carle, Carle turned the ball back. Is it a fake delivery? The pocket is also quite clean, so that Lynch can also dismantle it and prepare for the short screen. However, Carl passed the ball to the middle, but it was not Jared Cook, Amari Cooper and any of the raiders who received the ball in the Darfur, but the Lightning linebacks Melvin Ingram! Cut off! As the Lightning guards celebrated, Marshawn Lynch’s angry removal of his helmet became a postgame conversation for NFL fans.

The interception was reminiscent of the final scene of the 49th Super Bowl, when the Seattle Seahawks jerseys had Marshawn Lynch and a pause before they reached the New England Patriots’touchdown zone at the end of the game, and if they succeeded in the touchdown they would reap the Cup again. Later it became a classic in the history of the Super Bowl, when Russell Wilson almost reached Rockett and the baseball player was snatched away by Malcolm Butler, the then unknown corner guard of the Patriots, to form a steal-and-kill game. Butler became a city hero, a trump-card horn guard; Lochter retired from the game in disgrace, and the Seahawks were no longer in the Super Bowl. After the game, Seahawks coach Peter Carroll faced almost all the American media criticism, for one reason – why not use Marshawn Lynch to run the ball? And after this incident, Lynch became more and more evil with the Haiying team and announced his retirement. And when he chose to come back from the Raiders last year, it might not have occurred to him that a year later, he would again face a nightmare scenario.

But Marshawn Lynch has given some impressive performances this season, such as getting 130 yards in 20 shots against Brown last week, one of which is a 52-yard shot reminiscent of many scenes in his tournament collection. Lynch also made a brilliant dash before the touchdown. In the first week against the Rams, he scored a 10 yard midway shot in the first attack. With one leg firmly held in front of him and a defensive front-line player blocking him, Lynch kept pushing forward with only one left leg, and it was amazing how the beast came back! However, Joan Gruden does not seem to rely on this road beast, he still hopes to pass between Derek-Carl and Jared-Cook, Amari-Cooper and other people to lead the offensive; and the raider’s road offensive showed a diversified state, Jay-Richard and Doug-Martin’s appearance can increase. With a few short passing routes, Marshawn Lynch, who is generally good at catching the ball, is naturally excluded from such tactics.

In fact, since the 49th Super Bowl Final, Marshawn Lynch’s team has made four attempts to cross the line. What is the result? None of the four matches came through, two of which were intercepted by opponents, the Super Bowl jerseys and Sunday. Some things do not mean that you do not believe in evil, otherwise the “beast mode” will become a “beast curse.”