9 days 8:15 video live Redskins vs Saint saints quarterback or record.

At 8:15 a.m. Beijing time on October 9, the NFL 2018-19 season ushered in the most important, carefully calculated and deliberately designed evening competition in addition to the Super Bowl, the Red Leather away game against the Saints. The game itself is not the key, the key is that the Saints quarterback Drew Briss is likely to overtake Brett Favre and Payton Manning in the game to become the NFL’s largest number of personal passes ever. How great is this record? If you want to see this record overtaken by the later, I am afraid I will have to wait until next life. So, in a game like this, can you sit in front of the computer and stare at Tencent and watch the whole game?

Before the past, it is hard for anyone to come.

71940 yards, Beijing NFL October 8, 2018 personal history pass code record. This figure is deliberately proposed because it will soon be forgotten by history, because few people will remember the number two or even three in history. Drew-Briss is 200 yards short of 71,940 yards, which means he only needs 201 yards to be the first man in history. In his 252 first-team games of his career, Briss scored 210 passes or more yards, an 83.3% chance. More vividly, Messi scored 83.1 percent on penalties in La Liga, Michael Jordan scored 82.8 percent on free throws in the playoffs, Tom Brady won 77.6 percent, and Sidney Cross had a 71.6 percent chance of receiving at least one goal or assists in a game.

Now that the record breaking is already a big probability event, and there is no ancient people before, Washington Redskins jerseys will there be any future arrivals? The nearest pass to Bracey is the 41 year old Tom Brady. By October 8th, Brady was 4322 yards behind Bracey, basically a complete season. And Bracey will only turn 40 next January. So if Bracey can stick to Brady’s retirement, the record will be broken in 3 years.

In all, Ryan needs to keep fit for at least eight seasons, and Stafford needs to start at least 144 games in the next 176 games, with 82% attendance (Stafford has played 129 of the last 148 games, with 87% attendance). It looks like Briss’s record is expected to be rewritten in 8-12 years, but it’s hard because only 20 quarterbacks in the NFL’s long history have survived to the age of 40, and Briss will be the 21st without a surprise. Younger quarterback faces more career variables. In summary, in Briss’s current state, two more years, his yardstick record may be 20 years or more, no one can surpass, truly “no one comes after”.

That’s all I’ve been saying to make sure you’re fully aware of the importance of Monday night in the fifth week of the NFL 2018-19 season. By the way, if Briss can deliver four touchdowns in this game, he will be the fourth quarterback in history to reach 500 passes after Brady.


As for what else to look at, will Saint runner-guard Mark Ingram return New Orleans Saints jerseys from china suspension and quickly integrate into the team for the 2018 season? Will the Reds, who are in the top three in the league in limiting points (14.7), total yards (278), pass yards (187), and opponent quarterbacks (77), turn Briss’s “milestone” night into a “milestone” night? Will the veteran Adrian, Pedersen, continue to perform well after the break week?


All the answers are in the fifth week Monday night game, which kicks off at 8:15 a.m. on October 9th. Let’s wait for the answers.