(Marquette King) the career in Denver has only ended in four games.

NFL television correspondent James Palmer reported on Saturday that Mustang intends to put the discarded kicker on the injury reserve list and lay him off when he recovers.

Marquette King jersey missed all training this week due to a thigh injury and was suspected of playing in Sunday’s jet game.

Mustangs have been reported to have picked out kicker Colby Wadman from the training team to replace Kim. Wadman hasn’t played in professional competitions since he entered the NFL as a losing rookie at Davis, California.

During the off-season this year, Kim was cut off by the Raiders and signed a three year contract with the Mustang. But Kim struggled in the first year of the contract.

Kim is ranked 20th out of 31 abandoned players in terms of average distance and Denver Broncos jerseys 44.1 yards is the lowest in his career, and his injury has prevented him from turning over in the Mustang.

The following are other injuries:

1. in Thursday’s competition against patriots, several key players of the pony will be absent. T.Y. Hilton, Jack Doyle and Marlon Mack were all listed as unavailable. Hilton scored 21 of 38 target passes, advancing 294 yards to top the team, and Thursday’s absence will end his 42-game starting record.

2. Atlanta Falcon jerseys Coach Dan Quinn said Wednesday that defender Devonta Freeman, who missed the last three races because of a knee injury, will be fully trained this week and play on Sunday. Quin added: Grady Jarrett (ankle) will not play for Sunday.