The rugged football nfl road of super quarterback: high school didn’t play basketball, baseball and baseball all dabbled.

Patrick Maholmes has been slaughtered under Andy Reed’s offensive system, a high-tech product from Texas Tech that can shoot quickly in the pocket and give up the pocket altogether to pass the ball. The arm is like a rifle. After four games, a quarter of the NFL is over, and Maholmes deserves to lead the MVP of the year.

Macholmes’s career has not always been a quarterback, high school also had the idea of giving up rugby, what is it? Maholmes plays Rugby at Whitehouse High School in Texas, and rugby is the school’s signature sport. According to a Sports Illustrated introduction to Maholmes, Maholmes’mother revealed that he had “almost given up football in his sophomore year” because Maholmes felt he was not getting fair play for the quarterback position he wanted to play.

In addition to his football and basketball jerseys proficiency, and his father was an excellent baseball player in MLB, Maholmes was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB draft. Regarding basketball, Macholmes’high school PE teacher Richard Picock said in an interview in 2013: “This is his third sport, but if he chooses basketball, there is no doubt that he will become a first-class player.” So he is really an all-around athlete.

In the end, Holmes chose rugby. His mother told Sports Illustrated: “I think it’s about the fans. Everyone in Texas watches the game on Friday nights. At first he liked rugby, but he wasn’t sure. Once he came to me and said I didn’t want to play rugby anymore because they didn’t want him to play quarterback. The school thought he should play basketball more, but the embarrassment of playing basketball was that nobody came to watch the game and the football jerseys court was full.

“When he finally plays quarterback and finally leads the team, he falls in love with the game.” Now, it’s hard to imagine a better quarterback in the league than Macholmes, who started 4-0 with 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns in the Emirates.

Maholmes will face a real challenge this week, and Jacksonville Jaguar’s fierce defense may cause him some trouble. This season, the Jaguar has the fewest points and yards lost per game in the league, while the Emirates has the best points in the league, so it must be a wonderful game. The Chiefs are no strangers to a fiery start. Last year they scored 5-0, but then they went straight, scored only 10-6 at the end of the season and were overturned with a big lead in the playoffs with Tennessee Titan. However, Ma Holmes did not mind the pressure of victory.

“If I am stressed just because the team is playing too well, then I do not. I can throw a 60 yard long line, my attack line gives me good protection, my outsiders and close forwards are ready to go, so I don’t need to do much at all. I only need to complete the specified order within the team system and perform according to Andy Reed tactics.

Indeed, the Sheikh offensive team is full of talented people, such as Karim Hunt, Teric Hill, Sammy Watkins and Tel Avis Kelsey, which are professional bowl level, no wonder Macholmes is so savvy.