Tang Zhihan: little Mulan’s first experience in football

I am Tang Zhihan from Class 2, Grade 3, Experimental Primary School Affiliated to the People’s Congress. I like to run freely in the bright sunshine.

One day some coaches came to our class and brought us football lessons. I learned about football for the first time. I was attracted and loved it.

Grandpa, grandma, mom and dad are worried about me. They do not support me. But I still want to have a try.

Every training is a challenge to oneself. One falls, one gets up again and again. How can one grow up without falling and beating?

I will sum up my experience and keep improving. Every time I hear the coach say good job, I will be very happy.

My mother told me that we were going to participate in the football match held by NFL jerseys in Beijing in September, and I was very excited.

When training, play twelve points, listen carefully to tactics, practice catching and match.

At the end of the race, mom said, “let’s not go home.” I asked: why? Mother said, you are in grade three or four, opposite grade five or six, your height has not reached the shoulders of others.

But I am not convinced. When I come, I will fight. The little brother opposite me laughed at me: “you see, they have girls who are so small.” I said, “what’s wrong with a girl? Mulan is a girl. She goes to the army for her father.”

It’s hard. The opponent is too strong. I was knocked down and hurt, but I dried my tears and continued to play.

My first rugby game helped me grow a lot, not just at the level of football jerseys, but in everyday life.

I am stronger and more focused. Of course, the body must be excellent.

Hope more aunts and uncles can take the little brothers and sisters to participate in rugby, I’m still waiting to beat you!