Liu Xun: Monologue from Inner Mongolia waist banner forerunner

My name is Liu Xun, from the beautiful scenery of northern Xinjiang, grassland Qingcheng Hohhot City, is an ordinary state-owned enterprise employees.

After watching CCTV’s NFL video for the first time in high school, he fell in love with this sport. Later, every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., I watched the weekly highlights of NFL on the CCTV Sports Channel on time.

When I was admitted to university in the autumn of 2007, in an open class, my keynote speech was about football. At that time, the whole class was the first to see real rugby.

In the winter of 2011, I signed up for promotion by NFL, and I was lucky to be selected. I especially cherished this opportunity, in order to be able to attend on time, I asked for help, and eventually in the arrangement of relatives to catch the train to Beijing that night.

The event was attended by the first Chinese football player jerseys in NFL history, Wang Kai, a right-hander for the Buffalo Bills team, and several other NFL players at the rugby training camp. I was impressed by the shyness and modesty of Wang Kai, the “rookie” rather than the arrogance of North America’s largest sport.

In August, I signed up as a volunteer for the NFL China Waist Flag Rugby Tournament in Beijing. In communication with the staff, I pledged that although I lived in Hohhot, I would be able to arrive in Beijing on time.

After work on Friday, September 8, I immediately rushed to the railway station, arrived in Beijing at 4:30 AM on the 9th, and arrived at the venue at 7:30 am the first time to start my volunteer journey! Next, I came to Beijing on September 16, 23, and October 22. I was one of the few volunteers who participated all four times.

Perhaps feeling my persistent pursuit of rugby, Aijibao decided to host a waist flag football jerseys event in Hohhot with me as its organizer. At that moment, I instantly felt that my years of perseverance, love, perseverance and dedication to the sport of rugby had finally come to fruition!

The next process went through hardships. Most other venues have experience and are operated by local groups. However, the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and even most of the northwest of the motherland have not carried out activities related to rugby.

What is more difficult is that I am the only one in the implementation of the Huhhot competition area from the activities of publicity and promotion, staff recruitment and reception, sign production, venue coordination arrangements and so on.

Because the local people know little about rugby, I picked up my mobile phone and contacted the friends in the address book one by one. I introduced rugby, NFL, waist flag rugby match and the event in Hohhot. I hope you can come to the scene and experience the charm of rugby.

On the National Day holiday, I went out early in the morning to contact the competition venues that meet the requirements of the activities, and traveled all over the streets and alleys of Hohhot.

With my unremitting efforts, finally, on the afternoon of October 15, the first Rugby event in the history of the splendid northern Xinjiang and the brilliant Inner Mongolia prairie, the 2017 NFL China jerseys Waist Flag Rugby Tournament in Hohhot, officially kicked off!

This day will surely be recorded in history. My first rugby match is very important to NFL, to my hometown and to me.

Don’t forget your heart and move on. Looking back on the activities of the Hohhot District, I felt a long way to go. Fortunately, the development of rugby in the magnificent grassland of Inner Mongolia has its unique advantages, that is, the grassland people’s physical fitness is very suitable for the practice of this sport.

I hope to take this good start, continue to publicize, efforts to promote, strive for the near future to be able to form our own equipment of Inner Mongolia football field!

Finally, allow me to sincerely say thank you to everyone who has given this event selfless support, positive publicity and attended the competition. You are the best!