Tremble, alliance! Steelmaker Baer will return in seventh weeks.

Many people think that the Pittsburgh Steelers’bad start to the season has a lot to do with their endless off-court problems, which have now been solved. According to ESPN, the steel star Baer will return to the Steelers in seventh weeks. That means Bell’s long-standing contract renewal problem for the Steelers has eased a bit, at least he can play after the seventh week.

The seventh week, however, was a rest week for the Steelers, which meant that Bell would miss the Steelers’game against the Atlanta Falcons jerseys and the Cincinnati Tigers. Considering the current state of Steelers’ competition. Perhaps after the return of Baer, the Steelers’ situation may be even worse than it is now.

Baer has been actively training in southern Florida, even if he occasionally goes to nightclubs to relax. But he said by telephone on Monday: “It’s too bad to have to watch the game off the court. I want to play, I want to win, I want to go to the playoffs.” And when it comes to his own problems, Bell maintains his consistent tone: “I have to stand on my own ground, I know my value, I know I can’t play 16 games with more than 400 touches (if the steel man doesn’t give him a satisfactory contract).”

Coalition sources told ESPN correspondent Adam Sheffett that Bell plans jerseys to officially announce his stay later this month, but that does not stop the Steelers from making a meaningful deal. A few days ago, the Steelers put Bell on the shelves, claiming that a second-round pick plus a “good player” could send him out, while the New York Jets jerseys once said it was possible to trade him. But Baer is confident that he can stay in the Steelers. The reason is simple:

Would a normal-minded team trade a high-ranking draft pick with a midfielder for a player who can only play six games without a long-term contract?

Bell still wants to sit down and talk about the contract with the Steelers, who in fact gave him a $70 million contract this summer. But the bond on the contract was only $17 million, which Bell could not accept, especially as his runners, Todd Gerley and David Johnson, both received at least twice that.

However, the first thing Bell has to deal with after his return is the dressing room, because many of his teammates are dissatisfied with his decision not to return at the beginning of the season. He also said he would talk with his teammates in the locker room after the return.

In fact, the return of Levian Bell is a great relief for the current weak surface offense of the Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys. From the second week to the fourth week, the Steelers averaged only 15.3 strokes and 43.3 yards; James Connor’s 97 yards of three games showed that his first game might have been a flash in the pan. To make matters worse, opponents of the Steelers were able to wrap up Antonio Brown, their No. 1 outsider, because of the weakness of the road offensive. The “Bell-Free Steelers” defense manual was passed on Sunday by the Baltimore Ravens nationwide live broadcast.

Although Bell’s case is not completely settled, if the two sides can sit down and negotiate, rather than break up completely, at least for the current steel team, is a good news.