The music city is a rugby game, and it’s a miracle.

On October 1, Beijing time, the NFL’s fourth week of cross-league dialogue ended in Nashville, Tennessee, the home game of the Titan team in a 3-17 score behind a huge disadvantage, with a tenacious defense, finally waiting for the dawn of victory. Mariotta delivered a late pass in extra time to beat the Super Bowl defending champions Philadelphia Eagles. The embarrassed Titan team in the Music City finally raised their eyebrows and let the home team fans enjoy a long-lost carnival.

Nashville is not a rugby city? The ball field has the beauty of the stadium.

Titan fans have been less enthusiastic about watching the game in recent years, thanks to the unexpected rise of another professional team in the city, the Predator of the North American Professional Hockey League. Along the way, families willing to come to the Stadium ahead of time for a “tail party” are not very common, but saw a lot of visitor Eagles fans wearing eye-catching green color matching equipment. Most of the visiting fans were wearing or wearing Super Bowl trophy commemorative gear, and their faces were filled with pride and pride. Perhaps in their eyes, take this hovering in the U. S. playoffs doorway, the offensive problem is prominent, even take a touchdown are extremely difficult team is not a problem. Hawk fans were so happy that they didn’t know the game would end abruptly in a heartbreaking way.

Although not as enthusiastic as the fans in other cities, the Nissan arena owned by the Titans is not a very large stadium. The stands behind the two end zones are only one floor, much like a college team’s stadium. But above the bleachers were elaborately decorated fake houses in a small town in the middle, and beside them were a small red train, which matched Nashville’s Country Music City with the country music that came from time to time in the warm sunshine and the sound of the Titans’cheerleaders in cowboy skirts. The loose flower shirt is tied at the lower end, full of thick country style. In the environment of the whole stadium, the atmosphere created by every detail gives people a kind of leisure in the country club. In this lazy atmosphere, enjoying a fierce NFL game football jerseys is indeed a unique experience that can only be harvested in the central Tennessee state capital.

The stage for the ceremony was set up and the players gathered at the exit of the players’passage to lead the Titans to the stage. He was a muscular African-American actor dressed as a Spartan warrior, covered in a majestic cloak, shiny muscles, and holding an axe that looked very textured. Release the murderous atmosphere of the battlefield. The color of Titan’s Home Jersey is sky blue. Looking at it, such as the stadium, the shining yellow goal in the direct sunlight, the sky blue waves on the stands are dotted with hawk fans dotted with green, the picture is colorful, very eye-catching. There was a good battle on both sides, and a war broke out.

High-quality defense requires the player’s superb concentration first, but also the temperament to give up who I am. The team’s temperament is easily influenced and inspired by the atmosphere of the scene. Whether the home team is leading or lagging behind, or the final stage of the game is in danger of death, Nashville is on earth. The fans and the Titans were all determined to maintain the home team’s first glimmer of hope with their tough defensive efforts, which also set the tone for David’s classic battle against Goliath.

Despite the final moments, Mariotta and receiver Cory Davis’s killer pass will certainly appear in the post-match highlights of major television stations and be regarded as heroes of today’s game. But if you watch the whole game, everyone knows it’s the team’s tenacious defense that holds the Hawks back from the offensive team and keeps them alive. And if you are in today’s Nissan arena, then the conclusion will be very different, is the Titan fans spare no effort to support, help the team in a big score backward situation, still inspire high spirits.

“Do you think the city of music will become another Rugby city after this match?” Lehmann smiled bitterly and said, “I can’t understand why so many Nashvilles don’t want to go out in our shirts. We’ve played a lot of good games over the years and we’ve been in the playoffs. But I believe that our efforts will win the respect we deserve. The NFL football has 32 teams, not 31. We are a force that cannot be ignored.

I wonder if Nashville’s local team will feel a little guilty after hearing Lehmann’s implicit complaints. If the team can continue such a tough performance, and continue to play a moving game, I believe Titan will win the heart of the City fans this season.