Live broadcast of Ravens vs Steelers: the death of the same area to fight the summit confrontation

Beijing time October 1st, the NFL2018-19 season regular season fourth weeks will launch 13 matches contest. In addition to the 8:20 a.m. Ravens game on Sunday night, Tencent netizens voted to choose another civil war, the Eastern United States Civil War, which began at 1 a.m. Beijing time on Sunday afternoon, with the 3-0 Miami Dolphins visiting Foxburg to challenge the New England Patriots to dominate the United States for many years. . These two games are all about the topic. It coincides with the first day of the National Day holiday.

Ravens vs Steelers

For those familiar with NFL, the battle of the steel crows means a battle of flesh and blood. Since 1996, the two teams have played a total of 48 games. The Steelers have led only slightly by 27-21. Both teams have played like hell and blood in almost every game. On Dec. 10, last year, the Steelers won a free-kick with Big Ben and Antonio Brown’s long-pass line in three gears and five yards, and Boswell’s 46-yard free-kick killed the crow overnight. The match was the highest score ever achieved by both sides.

After a summer break, the Baltimore Ravens jerseys showed great competitiveness in the first three games of the season, losing the fourth fewest points in defence, scoring fifth more points per game in the league, even three points higher than the Steelers. On the contrary, the Steelers without Levine-Bell have been caught in a series of tough battles, although the offense is still sharp, the game is advancing the third in the yard league, but the team defensive loopholes. In the past, the sense of strength of steel crows and Steelers was no longer there.

The Raven with both offensive and defensive tactics is strong enough to defend the weak pittsburgh Steelers jerseys. This is a recent pattern of steel crow warfare in recent years. How about the final result? Let’s watch the game live on time at Tencent Sports at 8:20 a.m. on October 1. Let’s see what kind of script the new phase of the Raven war will play.

Dolphins vs Patriots

Since the 2001 season, the Patriots have dominated the U.S. East for more than a decade, and they have had few rivals in the league. The other three teams in the U.S. East are even more angry and dare not say anything. Only the Miami Dolphins can pull down a few wools to support themselves at home. But after three weeks of the season, it is surprising that the United States seems to be changing. The Dolphins of Miami, who won all three games, are now at the top of the Eastern United States, while the Patriots are sitting in line with Jets and Bill with a 1-2 record. But most of the league’s fans are still optimistic about the Patriots, subconsciously feeling that the Patriots’2018 season championship will start with the dolphins on track. Is this really the case? I’m afraid it’s not that easy.

The Miami Dolphins jerseys, who have hardly any big-name stars this season, have played with unusual unity, especially in the defensive team. Three games down only 52 points, the league’s fifth lowest, only 89 yards per game road loss, the league’s seventh, and the Patriots offensive in this regard is just the end of the league. Admittedly, the Patriots have always been Brady’s team, passing has always been the main offensive way, but although the Dolphins have lost an average of 288 yards per pass defense this season, but three of them sent out a total of seven interceptions, tied with the Seahawks in the League first, this will be a big test for Brady, especially Edelman is still one year away from lifting the ban. Of course you can say that the Dolphins are only competing against teams in the middle and lower reaches of the league like Tennessee Titan, the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders, but that’s not the chance for the Dolphins to prove themselves. Win the Patriots, grasp the 3 wins, the United States may change this season.