Can the Raven continue to show its strong performance again?

NFL second weeks: Crow vs tigers look forward to see whether Dalton can top…

At 8:20 a.m. Beijing time on September 14, the NFL entered the second week of the 2008-19 season. On Thursday night, the Baltimore Ravens jerseys, who had just bloodied Bill at home, were heading to Cincinnati to challenge the equally successful Tigers. Rosen and Xing Tianyu will give you commentary on the North End War at Tencent Sports Studio. You are welcome to watch it on time.

Love and hate continue to perform?

The Ravens and Tigers met in Cincinnati Bengals jerseys 367 days ago in the first round of the NFL 2017 season. That day, the Ravens blocked the Tigers 20-0, and the Tigers were humiliated by a home-court devastation they had never seen in 50 years. But in the 17th week, in Baltimore, with less than a minute to go, Andy Dalton and Taylor Boyd’s 49-yard line pulled the Ravens out with one foot in the playoffs. Dalton became Buffalo’s hero, but at the same time he became an enemy of Baltimore. The North American Civil War was never short of stories, but I didn’t know what history wanted to write about it. Let’s prepare the stool, sit in front of the computer and TV, and have a look together.

Really strong team or pseudo strong team?

In the first week of the game, the Ravens cruelly defeated the visiting Buffalo Bills 47-3, attacking the ground with three touchups and two free-kicks in the air, the total number of advancing yards to 369 yards, and the defensive team only let the opponent get 153 yards 10 first attacks and two intercepts. In the face of Bill’s broken and rebuilt weak brigade, the governing force burst its watch. But because Bill is a weak team, it’s still unknown where the Ravens are in the League after a summer of reinforcement. Kenneth Dixon, the team’s best runner-guard, had a knee injury in the last game, and it’s worth noting whether the Raven’s road attack can make any difference after the season’s reimbursement. In the face of the same zone’s deadly opponents, playoff quota competition in the direct opponents, the crow’s “strong team” success will be tested.

On the Tigers side, the first battle with the final 17-0 attack climax successfully reversed the Colts, so that the just-returned “turning little prince” Lack also tasted a reversed taste. The new offensive front-line configuration allowed Dalton to pass 21 of 28 passes in his pocket with ease in the first game and was captured only twice. Judging from past experience, as long as Dalton is comfortable, the tiger will have great hopes of entering the playoffs. Winning the pony has laid a good foundation for the team, and this North American Civil War will set the main theme of the season, the Tigers can not afford to lose.