The following is a summary of today’s NFL’s injuries.

Rodgers sprained his knee, was in bad condition or was absent from next week’s game.

Rogers sprained his knee in the first half of last week’s packer’s game against the Chicago Bears jerseys, but the quarterback played “Return of the King” in the second half. Rodgers insisted on playing for the team regardless of the injury, which made him more serious. Aron Rogers did not reveal the details of the injury, but he admitted that his knees had been sore for three days. Today, the packer regrouped after the first week of the game, but Rogers was not involved in the team’s activities, he was included in the “Daily Watch” list of packers. The quarterback’s knee injury is not optimistic at the moment, and although Rogers is confident that not training will not affect his game, he is not sure whether he will play next week.

“Of course I want to play, but I can only observe myself every day and see how it feels tomorrow. My knee hurts a few days ago, but I hope it will be better by Friday or Saturday so I can play on Sunday, “Rogers said.

Rodgers fell to the ground.

Joey – Bo SA continues absences next week competition

Last week’s Los Angeles lightning pass Joey Bossa didn’t play, and next week’s lightning game against Buffalo Bill, we won’t see Bossa. Joy Bossa was diagnosed with a bone contusion in his left foot after an expert examination Wednesday, which was why he had been feeling sick in his left foot before the preseason. Last week, Joey Bossa almost recovered from an old injury to his left foot, but in training before the first week of the game, Bossa felt pain in his left foot again and had to miss last week’s game. So far, Joey Bossa has been put on the “Weekly Watch” list by the Lightning team, and the sprinter will not play against Bill.

Raven runner Kenneth Dixon enters the injury reserve list and basically determines the season’s reimbursement.

Today, Baltimore Ravens runner-guard Kenneth Dixon was added to the team’s injury reserve list, leaving Dixon out for at least eight weeks. Dixon’s details are unknown at the moment, but the runner-up is basically certain of the season’s reimbursement in light of his past injury history. Dixon scored 44 yards and a touchdown against Buffalo Bill last week, but he fell to the ground with a knee injury at the end of the game. In the past three years, Dixon’s knee has been injured many times, and he has missed more than 20 games. If Dixon is in good condition, he may be able to catch up with the last few weeks. It takes at least 8 weeks for the nfl player jerseys to get rid of the restriction after entering the injury reserve list.

Crow run Dixon’s basic season reimbursement

Patriot running guard Rex Burke black brain concussion absent training or absent next week

New England Patriot jerseys runner-up Rex Berkhead is undergoing concussion treatment. He missed today’s patriot training and, if not surprisingly, should not have played against Jacksonville Jaguar. Berkhead was the most used runner-up by the Patriots last week, playing 37 sets and scoring 64 yards on 18 strokes. With Jeremy Hill’s cruciate ligament torn and rookie runner-up Sony Mitchell still in the recovery stage after surgery, Berkhead’s injury left patriots in a crisis. With a concussion that would take about two weeks to recover, Berkhead was almost certain to miss the next game, and the Patriots now have no suitable runners to rotate.

The patriot will fall into a serious running shortage.