The Green Bay Packers rookie is totally impressed with Rodgers.

If Packer’s rookie quarterback Tim Boyle was just admiring Aron Rogers before the first week of the game, then after the first week of the game, Tim Boyle became a big fan of Rogers. Like all the people of Green Bay, Boyle began to believe in Rogers and wear his jersey as a daily costume. Tim Boyle put on the shirt after the first week of the game to show his admiration, and after leaving the court, Boyle was still wearing Rogers’No. 12 shirt. Boyle slipped the shirt over his own garment, wore a hood, walked up the street like a regular fan, walked into the same crowd of Rogers fans, like a packer fan who had just watched the game, and no one noticed that he was actually a packer’s substitute quarterback.


“It’s not my punishment for losing a bet, it’s all in my heart. I wear this Green Bay Packer Jerseys because it’s a great jersey.” Boyles was afraid that people would misunderstand, and specifically clarified that this was entirely due to his too much respect for Rodgers. Boyle watched alongside Rogers on the bench during the packer’s game against the Chicago Bears. He saw Rogers’injured queen come back. He saw Rogers race three wins in the second half. Boyle on the bench was so intoxicated that he became a big fan of Rogers at the end of the game. He went out to the fans’store and bought the Rogers jersey for the end of the game. The quarterback almost forgot he was Rogers’ third substitute. I want to show off to the outside world that I am Rodgers’s fans.

Boyles, a rookie, secretly buys Rodgers’s Jerseys and goes to the street.

You know, as a packer, Boyle only needed to communicate with the Green Bay Packers if he wanted a Rogers jersey, but he went to the fan store to buy Rogers jersey. This behavior shows Boyle’s firm pursuit, after all, only in the official store to buy it. Buying a Jersey is a real fan’s behavior. “This is what I bought at the packer’s shop. His price is $150. It’s a big expense.” Boyles said.

Tim Boyle was lucky enough to be on the Green Bay Packers list as a failed rookie, knowing that the young man’s college career was not brilliant. During his three years at the University of Connecticut, he was only a reserve player, passing 13 touchdowns in one lineup, and Boyle was given a chance to approach the NFL when he transferred to Eastern Kentucky, where he had 11 touchdowns a year. Packers looked at Boyle’s powerful arm strength to keep him in the final training camp, and because of the young player’s excellent pre-season performance, the packer decided to treat him as the team’s No. 3 quarterback. At present Boyle is more like a special admirer who can watch Rogers play and train at close range. You know, Boyle never thought that one day he could play in a team with Aron Rogers, and he couldn’t imagine that one day he might play as a substitute for Rogers. But now Boyle has more chances, and with Rogers likely to miss next week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings due to injury, Boyle will get more chances in training this week. If Rogers is sure he can’t play, then the packer will be left with two quarterbacks, De Shawn Kaiser and Boyle.