Raiders in the second half of the fire, the ram 33:13 reversed Oakland.

At 10:20 a.m. Beijing time on September 11, the first week of the NFL regular season Monday night game kicked off in Oakland, with the Raiders sitting at home against the league’s upstart Los Angeles rams. This season, the Rams have been raving free-market stars to form the Galaxy Warship, the league’s most star-studded team; and the Raiders are raving free-market ex-star players to form a “veteran revenge team,” plus a billion-dollar coach Joe Gruden to regain the whip, this game can be said to be a very interesting one! In the first half, the two sides played equally, but in the second half the Raider suddenly lost his temper, and the rams gradually awakened. Finally, the rams beat the Raider 33-13 to win the opening game.

A wonderful review

In the first quarter, the Oakland Raiders jerseys took the lead in attacking. They used the ground to get in, Derek Karl passed Jared Cook, then Cook dumped the defender to find the space, cut deep into the big yards, and the Raider hit the red zone with only four blocks. In front of the end zone, Marshane Lynch restarted the “Beast Mode” in the distance of the arrival zone was blocked by five yards, carrying five defensive players into the zone to achieve the first arrival of the new season, the field side of Joe Gruden armchair, score 7-0. The two teams then struck out with each other three strikes, and the Rams got an excellent starting position near the midfield line. Jared Gough used fake runs to find Cooper Cooper and Robert Woods in the Red Zone. Last season’s best attacker Todd Gerley rounded the outside and received a short pass from Goff. Rushed out of the 20 yards to reach the start of the game, the two sides of the first runner up respectively, the score was 7-7.

In the second half of the game, the Rams’slow-fire showed, and the offensive team continued to move forward from the start. Golf finally finished linking up with Brandin Cooks. Zurlein leveled the score again with a 28-yard shot, 13-13. Both offensive teams were able to move forward in the next game, but were unable to score points. Both defensive teams made excellent defense in key areas. The Rams got a good starting offensive position, Brandin – Cooks two consecutive catches into the red zone, Gough line is very familiar with the slot outside the partner Cooper – Cooper finished the line, the Rams won the first time in the game, 20-13.

In the second half, the attacker’s attack was like a set of stagnant water, Derek Carr’s conservative team repeatedly surrendered the ball, the defensive team gradually showed tiredness, the whole game almost can not pose any threat to Jared Goff; in contrast, the Rams, although the first half behind, but the slow heat of their second half began to show good. Good condition, Todd – Gerley also gradually activated, and then the entire offensive group to find the state, young coach Sean – McVeigh in mentor Joe – Gruden’s territory to beat the raiders, “Big Sheep” has a surprise to win the season’s first victory.

Player data:

Losangeles Ram quarterback JERSEYS Jared GF 32 passes 17 in 229 yards 2.

Running guard Todd – Ge Li Li 20 punches the ball 108 yards 3 times to catch the ball 39 yards 1 to reach the goal.

Cooper catcher, the 5 time to catch the ball, 52 yards 1.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carle 38 pass 27 in 288 yards 0 0 3 intercept.

Running horse Sean Lynch scored 41 yards and 1 times to the ball 11 times.

Near end Jared Cook scored 181 yards in 9 times.