How long can a NFL match last? From lunch to dinner is just the beginning.

The most fearful thing about playing rugby matches at outdoor courts is bad weather. In the first week of the 2008 NFL season, Tennessee Titan and Miami Dolphins fought a “historic” battle because of bad weather conditions, which had to be interrupted by two thunderstorms to wait for the weather to return to normal, and finally Miami after seven hours and eight minutes of “Century Wars.” The dolphins won the first win of the season with 27-20 victory over Tennessee Titan. The seven-hour, eight-minute race also set a record for the longest NFL game jerseys ever (the previous record was the five-hour, 16-minute race between the Baltimore Crows and the Chicago Bears on November 17, 2013).

An hour before the game began, the dolphin’s home court was overcast, and with 1:11 left in the second quarter, the game was interrupted by thunderstorms for an hour and 57 minutes, when both sides in the dressing room thought the official midfield break had been extended; then with 6:47 left in the third quarter, the game was again attacked by thunder. 2 hours and 2 minutes were interrupted, and the two teams were told that the game would be suspended for at least 1.5 hours. In the fourth quarter of the game, the Dolphins released a special “Thank you fans for staying” message on the big screen on the spot, and the fans who stayed on the scene were moved to seats closer to the stadium to express their gratitude.

As the game continued to interrupt, the players’condition fluctuated, which also made the game before and after the interruption of a very different situation. The two teams combined to score a total of 10 points 38 minutes before the game, but when the game returned to normal, the thunderstorm seemed to ignite the determination of both offensive and secret service teams. In the last 10 minutes of the match, the two teams scored 34 points. The highlight of the two thunderstorms was that the dolphin player, Jakim Grant, and the Titan player, Dalius Jennings, each had their own super-long return. In the end, the Miami Dolphins won the “bladder game,” but for this unprecedented game, the dolphin players all unexpectedly sigh “live long see”.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. We took a four-hour break in the dressing room and each of us said,’Whoever gets up after the interruption will win the game’, and finally we got a better spirit. External receiver Jakim Grant said after the second thunderstorm, he completed a 102-yard drive-back, thunderstorm seemed to make Grant the Lightning Man.

“After returning to the game, I finished a return attack, which is the team’s credit, when everyone has no passion, there is always someone to stand up and inspire everyone.”

During the interruption of the game, the players did a lot of interesting things. Step on training bicycle equipment, lie down to rest, listen to music, watch movies and eat. In the dressing room waiting for the start of the competition, players can only keep looking for something to do.

“We’ve eaten up all the snacks in the dressing room,” said Dolphin defensive point guard Cameron Vick. “Peanut butter, jelly, turkey sandwiches are all gone. The carbohydrates we’re going to replenish are gone. We’ll have to prepare more in a few days.”

In both seasons, Miami’s weather seemed to match the dolphin game, which was delayed in the first week of 2017 due to hurricanes, and two thunderstorms in the first week of 2018. For the Titans, it was as bad a day as the weather. After the first thunderstorm, quarterback Mariotta left the field injured. After the second thunderstorm, the main near-end, Delani Walker, was seriously injured. The long interruption of the game made the players lose their form and stiff their muscles, which greatly increased the sport. The probability of injury.

Heaven is not doing well. As a football fan, he can only be patient. This isn’t the only NFL game jerseys of the season that has been delayed by the weather. The Philadelphia Eagle’season opener against the Atlanta Falcons jerseys was delayed by thunderstorms, and today’s Cowboys’ game against the Panthers was delayed by the weather.