The Sea Hawk changing room was exposed to Wilson’s great dissatisfaction. Carol continued to shield Wilson.

Seattle Seahawks’dressing rooms seem to be full of discord, and Russell Wilson is largely responsible for the unrest that some current and former Seahawks players have revealed that the entire team’s dressing rooms have become fragmented. The unnamed players thought coach Peter Carroll was too tolerant of Wilson, who in all respects failed to meet the same standards as other players. Differential treatment and different standards make many players extremely dissatisfied with Wilson, the whole dressing room cracks are growing. The departure of Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett was a change made by the Seahawks to protect Wilson while filling the gaps in the dressing room.

Wilson, who plays baseball in off season.

Wilson’s frustration in the dressing room was mainly due to the pressure on the quarterback in Seattle Seahawks jerseys ‘dressing room after Russell Wilson sent out the deadly yard intercept at the 49th Super Bowl, where Richard Sherman’s team often gave Wilson a verbal boost. The pressure, especially Richard Sherman, he has always been unable to let go of the “one yard line intercept”, in order to vent his anger, he often in training against Wilson, Sherman in the Hawks locker room influence is enormous, he is leading other players to disaffect Wilson. In addition, Seahawk Coach Peter Carroll’s over-protection of Wilson is only one reason, he often can not face up to Wilson’s mistakes, but constantly cover up. Although Wilson should have been treated differently in training as a quarterback, coach Carroll was reluctant to criticize Wilson when he made a mistake, and Carroll’s preference for Wilson in all respects made him feel differentiated from the rest of the Hawks.

Now the Seahawks’dressing room is once again on the stage. Unexpectedly, as a quarterback, Russell Wilson has become a target. Peter Carroll’s solution to the team’s problems is to take Richard Sherman and others out of the team and protect Wilson. Coach Carroll was under pressure after the player anonymously disclosed the team’s locker room problems. He knew Wilson had a lot to say about a one-yard line interception, and he knew he was unhappy with Wilson’s protection. But he doesn’t care, and he won’t change his attitude to Wilson, even if he can’t completely resolve the mood in the dressing room.

“No, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I don’t even know what this means. Seattle Seahawks jerseys That’s the hype before the game, and all the media’s publications are just laying the groundwork for the game. Of course, we will deal with some contradictions, no matter what these contradictions are and what form they will appear. But in any case, the locker room problem deserves attention, which may not be dealt with when one or two people are unhappy, but when most people are unhappy with the team’s quarterbacks, the coach has to find a way to cure the problem, otherwise it will only make the problem bigger.