NFL “National Anthem gate” protagonist new advertising detonated social media Trump again protest

The 2008-19 NFL season opens between defending champions Philadelphia and the Atlanta Falcons jerseys on Thursday night, local time. The same evening, Nike’s ad “Just Do It,” which was narrated by former San Francisco 49-man quarterback Colin Capernick, also premiered

Capet Nick’s commercial advertisement, “stick to what you believe, even if you sacrifice everything for it.”

Background: The NFL National Anthem star beat LeBron James, Williams Jr. and Beckham Jr. to the C spot of Nike jerseys china

Just days before the premiere, Nike had already preheated the ad on social media and sparked heated discussions among American Internet users. As Nike’s 30th Anniversary Advertising Series with Just Do It slogan and the main piece of “Crazy Dreams” marketing campaign, the ad will be broadcast to audiences during this week’s U.S. Open, Major League Baseball and the U.S. College Football League. At the same time, Nike will also be on the Internet, through music, games and many other entertainment platforms, dissemination of this work.

The two-minute ad brought in sports superstars like LeBron James, Selena Williams and Oddle Beckham to talk about social issues such as racial injustice and police violence. The above controversy is the reason why NFL players kneel down during the National Anthem ceremony.

Capet Nick served as an aside for the entire advertisement and appeared in the middle of the advertisement. As the camera slowly approached Capernick’s face, an American flag gradually appeared on the facade of the building behind him. Capet Nick said in the advertisement: “believe in, even if I will lose everything. “At the end of the ad, Nike also clearly identified Capet Nick’s narrator.

Capet Nick’s huge advertisement hits major cities in the United States.

Impact of events: Nike’s network sales rose sharply in four protests.

Key figures: Trump rebuke Nike for its concept of promotion

For Nike’s propaganda strategy, US President Donald Trump immediately demonstrated his attitude. He severely criticized the sports giant and NFL Alliance on personal twitter. Trump wrote: “the ratings of NFL have fallen sharply, and Nike will follow suit. It will definitely be knocked down by popular anger and protest. ”

Netizens P figure satirize Trump

In an interview with the media, Trump also repeatedly stressed: “Nike’s decision to use Capernick as an advertiser to hit the characters, is to pass on the’bad news’.”

On Friday, local time, Trump also raised a voice again and strongly questioned Nike’s promotion strategy. He wrote, “what is Nike thinking? ”

Trump tweets screenshots. What is Nike thinking about?

Depth analysis: Nike’s nfl jerseys move is in line with popular demand.

Some netizens boycotted Nike slogans.

So what is Nike thinking about? As a giant in sports goods, why should Nike dare to use him as an advertiser, knowing that many Americans resent Capernick?