The opening game tweets: the falcons wanted to pour cold water on the Philadelphia police.

On the morning of September 7, Beijing time, the 2008-19 season NFL regular season opens between the defending Super Bowl Champions Philadelphia Eagle and the Atlanta Falcons jerseys. However, due to a thunderstorm at the Lincoln Financial Stadium, where the game was held, the kick-off time was also postponed from 8:20 to 9:05.

The Falcons mocked on their official Twitter about the sudden downpour: “Well, we were going to come over and pour cold water on you, the @Eagles, but it’s raining hard too. ”

The falcons’ slightly provocative jokes were immediately counterattacked by the Philadelphia police. The latter also wrote on his official account: “Of course, it’s not a crime to be arrested if it rains heavily during the NFL Opening (@Eagle). But you want to pour cold water on us? That’s in crime! Be careful, guys, our Super Bowl jerseys flags are still flying in the wind. ”

The two Opening Team’s mouth guns were fired, and the Chicago Bears, as far away as Illinois, were about to make a comeback. Just as the opening game kicked off, the Bears tweeted, “Let’s get the fight started.” Interestingly, the Bears’drawings were American comic, comparing the new season’s game to a fierce battle between Bears’ men and monsters.