As the hot summer begins to leave, the curtain of NHL in the new season is drawing closer to us. The NHL market has surged up this summer, and what players are hoping for a big flight in the coming season, we first focus on the potential candidates for the goalkeeper and the back line.

Goalkeeper: Robin leina New York Island jerseys

The new season is likely to usher in the 10 top players (top) Nordic defender or counter attack.

The islanders lost their biggest help after Tavares this summer, and of course we still remember that last season the islanders showed the worst defense of their history. Of course, all of this may have changed dramatically with the arrival of Barry Trotts, and the specific manifestation of this difference may be reflected in Lena.

As a defensive wizard, his team has become one of the least lost 10 teams in his career, and with the help of his goalkeeper who followed him to the island, Brandon – Brandon became one of the best goalkeepers in the league. On the other hand, the Islanders and Lena signed a short-term contract of $1.5 million a year, and Lena had to prove his worth with outstanding performance.

Brandon Manning Chicago Black Hawk

The top 10 players in the new season

The Black Hawks have become a big problem for the Black Hawks jerseys china in recent years, Keith and Si Brooke, and the two or three groups of defenders coming from Taobao, are not satisfied. So the Black Hawk spent 2 years and 4 million 500 thousand dollars in summer to dig Manning from the flying team.

It can be said that Manning was a very good defender, but he was not well known under the halo of the flying defender Gemini, Ko SDI Bach and Plo Moloff. At the same time, we have reasons to believe that the Black Hawk has a unique vision in selecting players, and the ability to decadent Q. But Manning will face countless tests in the central competition area where armaments are constantly upgrading.

Lath mus Risto Raikkkonen Buffalo army knife team jerseys

As the first round 8 rookie of the sabre team in 2013, Risto Raikkkonen has been entrusted with the heavy responsibility of the future. But with the continuous progress of experience, his performance has been lower than people’s expectations. Last year, in the 73 match, his efficiency turned out to be -25, which dwarfed his 41 points.

The arrival of Dahlin would make it precious for Ristolenin to prove himself without competition. Of course we have reason to expect the Nordic full-back’s benign competition to spark off the otherwise stagnant Buffalo.

Hamps Linde Holm Anaheim

Nordic defender

When it comes to the Ducklings, the players that people often blurt out are Katslav, Perry and Kessler, whose guards have been receiving little attention. Han Linde Holm, who played a very good state in the five season of the duckling, gave a 31 point +16 performance last season, even though the figures were not as stunning as the first two seasons of his debut, but his goals began to increase significantly.

As the first 6 rookie of Sweden in 2012, Linde Holm’s talent and ability are beyond doubt. The question now is whether he can really become the backbone of the team and carry forward the whole team. He was looking forward to his performance this season.