Video live NFL Hall of fame!

The NFL season is back! The rugby season is back! Beijing time, at 8:00 a.m. on August 3rd, the NFL2018 season’s pre season opener, that is, the annual Hall of fame will be held at the Tom Benson Hall of fame stadium in Canton, Ohio, with the Chicago bears and the Baltimore crow. At that time, the famous NFL commentators Xiao Shen and Xing Tianyu will bring you commentary on this game on the sports studio, and look forward to your return!

8 legends in the NFL Hall of fame

From February 6, 2018 to August 2nd, the 178 day NFL break season finally ended. The ninety-ninth season of NFL will be unveiled in the hall of fame competition in August 3rd. The Chicago Bears jerseys online, making their fifth appearance in the Hall of Fame, will face the Baltimore Ravens, who have played their first pre-season opener in 22 seasons.

This competition is also the first shot of the NFL Hall of fame weekend celebration in 2018. Other 7 new NFL Hall of fame members will appear in the game, including the legendary NFL Hall of fame that will not take part in the hall of fame celebrations in June this year, including the Raven legend ray Lewis and the bear’s 13 veteran Blaine – El lane, who will also attend the celebrities in August 5th. The hall is entering the ceremony.

Raven legend ray Lewis

As the unveiling of NFL in each season, most of the main players of the two teams will not be able to fight or play only a few offense. The symbolic meaning is far greater than the meaning of the game, but it does not mean that the game itself is no more visible and uncompetitive.

Ramall Jackson, who contracted out almost all of the Ravens’news for the off-season, was undoubtedly the biggest attraction in the Hall of Fame. The former sea man prize winner, all masters of the University Games for many years, sports talent is extremely excellent, before the draft has experienced the transition outside the wave, was taken with the present teammates Griffin III to make a comparison. Ramalta needs a real game to prove to the world that he can adapt to the professional arena, and Hall of Fame is his best chance at the moment.

Lamar Jackson, the first round show of the crow

Griffin III had signed a 1 – year contract with the crow, but after the crow selected Lamar Jackson football jerseys, Griffin now competed only with the former Dezhou main quarterback len lynt for the three quarterback for the 53 – people list at the start of the regular season. So the 4 pre-season match is equally important for him.

In the Chicago bear team, the most important support for the rest of the season is almost all on the outside, but the veterans such as Allen Robinson, Gabriel and Benny Fuller won’t be the leading players of the game. Two rounds of Show Anthony Miller and seven rounds of Show Javon Wilms will be two new substitutes quarterback Zeiss Daniel and Taylor Bray’s main pass targets. On the defensive end, this year’s No. 8 Show Rokwan – Smith is currently the last not to sign a contract with the home team’s first-round show, is afraid to miss this game.

Bear quarterback terus

In addition to the above points of view, the intensity of this match will never be less than that of any regular season. After all, the list of nearly 100 teams will be changed to 53 in 1 months, with all the edge figures doing their best to move the coaching team to the first line of hope in the 53 regular season.

All in all, after the long rest season, fans, players and teams are eager for the real game jerseys.