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The Chinese power of nfl football jerseys

It’s your constant impact that gives football Chinese power! Many years ago, no one thought that the Chinese could also stand on the football field. This sport has always been regarded as a western sport As early as the early 20th century, rugby has entered China. At present, the earliest […]

Are you ready for the NFL Spring Festival Gala?

If you ask about the world’s biggest sport, you’d say it’s football, but in Far North America, people here are more fond of NFL. NLF is the largest professional football league in the world and one of the most commercialized sports leagues in North America. In the United States, NFL […]

Chiefs return to Super Bowl after 50 years

The chiefs returned to the Super Bowl 50 years later: all will work together to fight Titans! Back in 1970, 50 years ago, Andy Reid was only 11 years old, and Patrick mahome would not be born until 25 years later. And what happened that year? Kansas City chiefs to […]

NFL Baltimore Ravens: as many players as possible

Ravens Manager: will try to renew as many players as possible, Matthew judon will have a high priority As a result of the unexpected loss to Titan, crow boss John Harbaugh’s focus changed. From how to stop Patrick mahome to how to stop the loss of core players. Hubble said: […]

Tennessee Titans runner Derek Henry set a postseason record Titans of Tennessee won the playoffs for the second time this year with the help of derrick Henry. In an interview with the media last week, the Baltimore Ravens jerseys security guard (Earl Thomas) talked about Henry’s performance in the face […]

NFL Football “Super Bowl prophet”

Others have Octopus brothers, we have prophets, NFL Football “Super Bowl prophets” activity shocked the online! Welcome to the NFL Football “Super Bowl prophet” activity, from now on to 24:00 on January 19, to participate in the “Super Bowl prophet” activity, and complete the match map submission information according to […]

Patriots boss: hope Tom Brady stays or retires

For the first time in 20 years, the New England Patriots are so uncertain about Tom Brady’s jerseys future. With Brady likely to enter the free agent market for the first time in his career, team boss Robert Kraft is also very concerned about it. Before the patriot’s playoffs against […]

NFL: 49ers quarterback Bysad returns to team

Quarterback byzad returns to the team after the death of his brother The 49ers have been given a valuable break this week in the rotation, and they have also welcomed the return of a teammate. C.J. beatard has returned to the team, spending the past few days with his family […]

Ten years of great changes in NFL

Summary of NFL in the past 100 years In the long river of life, ten years is not short. For NFL players, ten years means the end of their lives. For veteran players like Tom Brady, ten years means more than half of their lives. For NFL, another 10 years […]

2019 nfl season jerseys sales awards forecast

The ultimate prediction of awards in 2019: MVP has little suspense, and the best attacker and defender are confused After the packers took back the leading position in North China, another suspense dust settled in NFL in the past 100 years, which means that players have only one week to […]